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  1. thanks mad max ! good luck for ur interview.let us know the outcome.by the way what trust r u in.Planning to go to birmingham for a staff grade interview in the hope of some openings there in furture.Does anybody know how the trust is for internal candidates ?
  2. hi, does anyone think that it is good time to take staff grade post.I was waiting for ST4 shortlisting outcome.Does not sound good to me. I am panicking without job from August Any suggestions ?
  3. hi guys, congrats on getting shortlisted. unfortunately i did not. .So any idea how many are shortlisted and can i know when u guys received the information. good luck
  4. hey guys, could anyone please working as StaffGrades let me know what ind of things we need to confirm before joining to make the job best. like things I can think of ----being in oncall rota,payscale,education,SHO with you ETC.
  5. thanks guys.Though it does not bother me sometimes I feel our best chance was last year.May be I should have been more proactive that time.Anyway, is there any point in taking up LATS if shortlisted ?
  6. hey guys, I guess all of u r applying for ST4. wHAT DO U THINK THE CHANCES OF US MAKING THIS YEAR? IN MY DEANERY THEY R ALLOWING PEOPLE TO PROGRESS DESPITE THE UNCOUPLING ..SO IT IS DISHEARTENING....i guess the CASC results are going to be in late July so chances look bad... ANY COMMENTS
  7. hey guys, I am preparing for this time.I had attempted the psychosexual essay.i had used some relevant references and arguments.I was really surprised and annoyed when I received the feedback of failure.The comments included 'your essay focussed on how psychosexual problems are neglected in practice and need for more attention' ; I thought that was what the question meant to appraise.So made me think that we need some luck as it also is influenced by examiner's perception of the question. :-[
  8. dont worry guys,the college goes for only commonly encountered scenarios. 8-)
  9. 5. In depersonalisation there is a sensory distortion of SPECIFIC body parts this is called desomatisation according to sims.with respect to the question looks false to me,but does occur in depersonalisation syndrome
  10. Re:Pseudo hallucinations are type of mental images that lack the substantiality of a true percept. True Pseudohallucinations are vivid mental images, which however differ from true hallucinations in that they lack the full qualities of true perceptions. For example, an auditory hallucination may be heard within one's own head rather than perceived as coming from the outside world. The term may also describe a perception thought to come from outside but at the same time recognised as possibly not being real.
  11. RE: Agorophobia is assocoiated with covert sensitisation T covert sensitisation is a form of aversive behavioual therapy. Treatment of agorophobia is systematic desinsitisation.I think the answer is false