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  1. Hi, I live in Cambridge and looking for a study partner or group for CASC in Sept 2016. I'd prefer face-to-face practice, if I could. If anyone is interested, please send me an email from gunesberk@yahoo.com. Thanks in advance Gunes
  2. Hi, I'll sit MRCPsych Paper B in October. I wonder the approximate number of questions distributed to each section of current syllabus or clinical topics It is mentioned in Royal College Website; "The critical review component will make up one-third of the paper, with the remaining two-thirds covering clinical topics (of which approximately 30% will be General Adult Psychiatry)." Does anyone have more detailed information about this. Thanks in advance
  3. I've just read and it was really easy to understand. I hope it will help me this October:)
  4. Hi, I'm a psychiatrist in Turkey and preparing for Paper B in October. Fingers crossed:) Best of luck for exams...