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  1. Hi 

    I am interested on online practice , please send your skype ID . 

    1. Haiman



      it,s manjulladan



  2. Would you mind to send your ID skype
  3. I am free nowadays for practicing at any time . My Skype ID is abualzeek97.
  4. I am interested
  5. good lick
  6. it was a patient with parkinsonism i guess so n answer is quetiapine I agree
  7. Thank you every for sharing experience
  8. Thank you for your help
  9. I would like to know more about revising paper B , which I found very tough. One of my friend recommend this site who find it very helpful .
  10. Hi, I am ROD in KSA , planing to appear for paper B in next October . I would like to know more about working in Ireland , if u do not mind. Good luck I would like to know about revising paper B, which I found very tough .
  11. Regarding score 0 TP=3 TN=582 FP=99 FN=45 So Sensitivity=3\48=0.0625 Specificity=582\681=0.85
  12. في حضن الوطن