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  1. Dear all, I am wondering what is the market for locum consultnats like these days. Would appreciate opinion and views form people who are working as locum consultants .
  2. HI capelway, I applied for my sons passport renewal at birmingham. i just noticed that on the hci birmingham website- it says something about having a form notarised with a photo of child from before and one from now.I didnot produce this document and the lady on the counter didnot ask me anyhing beside main form, photos and fees.On hci lonodn there is no requirement like this.I am due to collect the passport on 11nov but just curious whether this particular doc was needed or not?my sons passpot expired in july this year so it is within the time frame as well.please lt me know if you know anything about this,.thanks paritosh
  3. Hi OFP,Here is my experience and not an advise .May be it might be helpful... my story started on similar lines but took a difffierent turn.I took USMLE during the MTas period because i was frustrated with the ongoing uncertainity in career here in Uk.I took the interviews and got prematches but didnot take them and applied for match where fortunately /unfortunately?? i didnot get anything .Before visiting US i disliked everything about Uk and loved everything about US but after visiting different states in US for a few months during the interviews my perspective changed.My biggest conscious fear was -how would i survive with my family including 3 year old kid in a poor pay and limited finances for 4 years.My unconsious fears were around the similar lines as yours .I spoke to many people/freinds in UK and US and everybody had different perspectives according to their experiences and needs.In the end i took the decision after looking at my son who was sleeping besides me one day and something within me asked' whether my pusuit of better life could put my son in difficult situation for next so many years and whether i want to jeopardise the formative years of his life by living in limted resources in a new country with no support' .The answer was clearly against going to US and i know myself that my son comes first .It was a clearcut decision.I have never looked back.My family incluidng my parents and friends asked me the reasons and i have never been able to give reasonable logical explanation to them . Sometimes i still have my moments when somebody asks me or discusses medical career in US and how much money people make in US and i feel hmmm- whether i did the right thing but then i remember my son's face and i get fulfilling and complete answer .It was difficult to Let it go and not apply again despite good percentiles and all requirements but i have taken decsions in life based on my intuitive sense rather than logic and uptill now i have never faced major dissappintments.Now i am doing ST4 ,relatively settled and enjoying my life with my family with small steps towards future.I would not say that the journey in last 2-3 years was smooth and it is till not smooth , it has been difficult here as well and it would be difficult in future as well considering the changes in NHS and uncertainity but i have learnt something from the experience of 'investing everything in one thing and then letting it go '.decision happened to me after looking at my sons face , i dont know how it would happen to you as i believe - 'life happens to you most of the times but we believe that we make the life happen'.Please donot interpret my experience as an advise.we all are different with different needs.Its important to understand ourself before taking big decisions in life for it is never the world that suffers when you take unwise decisions , it is always you.And moreover the interpretaions of decisions change with time and you might have seen it already.good luck .
  4. HI capelway, Do you have to take an appointment beforehqand or did you just go on one fine morning with docs and got it done.please advise.
  5. Nobody in Oxford GAP ST4 on the forum????
  6. is there anybody on the forum who is selected in the deanery or is already in oxford deanery who can help.... paritosh
  7. Hi to people who got selected in ST4 oxford. Does anybody know much about the rotation . Also what is the oncall banding like?/ paritosh
  8. my 1st week of joblessness.... locum bubble is sure burst..
  9. yeah, i did complete steps with decent percentiles, applied in 2009, got good interviews and prematches but decided to go for matches and unfortunately wasnot successfull. In the mean time i cleared mrcpsych casc . Couldnot prepare myself for spending 4 years in US in dodgy cities with 2500 dollars in hand .I have a family and kid.saw many cities in US and underrstood what it would be like spenidng 4years on serious financial restraints .on balance i decided to let it go.I think if i was younger and didnot have responsibilities i would have applied again but not now.I think about it sometimes but cant see my family struggling for next 4 years and then all the visa, green card and rest of the issues. Its been an experience of investing everything in a thing and then letting it go.
  10. I think with all the ups and downs in last years and with uncertainity in jobs people have developed learned helplessness.I know in last few years the forum was very active on various issues like training , immigration issues and career aadvises but now nobody seems to bother because people have realised that the forum i s a place to vent there anxiety,anger or frustraation which i s good in one way but doesnot lead to anything substantially good(i might be wrong...).I see few posts from people taking exams though. Locuming - i am doing since last few months and it is a rollercoster ride and i am planning to pack it up in next few months and get into either st4(i i am lucky) or substantive post.The uncertainity is too much to handle at least for me) and the jobs are drying up with locum agencies involved in wars for a job that comes i n and you are sucked in that.Takes a great toll on ur health and family.with situation looking not very good in times to come with financial problems in nhs , i am seriously thinking of getting into substantive post now. Anyways it ways good to have people participating in discussions on forum and sometimes i miss it .I dont write much but i have decided to do more (to do my bit in rejuvinating it). keep posting.
  11. i belive there is a dearth of locum staff grade jobs everywhere.
  12. i have just finished my job as staff grade and the same story as saint 007 mentioned. I am looking for a staff grade position since last 2-3 weeks and it looks like market is extremely dry. i think trusts are saving every penny and doing all kind of things to avoid locums.
  13. HI, i havenot filled corportation tax for i started working i locums 3 months back and before that i was in substantive posts. any thoughts?
  14. HI, i havenot filled corportation tax for i started working i locums 3 months back and before that i was in substantive posts. any thoughts?

  15. i mean ltd company in locum.