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  1. Hi! Looking for Skype Casc practice partners for January 2016 ready to start immediately! If anyone is interested please let me know. Thanks
  2. Hi. Can I join too?
  3. Hi. Keen on Skype practice. Can I join?
  4. Hi, I'm a psychiatry trainee in the republic of ireland, hoping to sit the casc exam in sept 2015. I got the information about psych club from a friend who found it useful. and i m hoping to get the most out of it so far with the help of psych club i have been able to get practise groups which i am finding very helpful. and another friend pointed me in the direction of material which i hope i ll be able to access soon what else would you like to know?
  5. Hi River, is that a yes i can join the group or is that yes you have started so i cant join? its not clear. Thanks
  6. Hi. Have you stated the casc groups? I am interested, Can I still join?