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  1. Pharmacological treatments are generally reserved for EUPD crisis management. The main crux of treatment is DBT, life skills or some other eclectic psychological therapy... Unfortunately, with increasing risk aversiveness, patients end up on a cocktail of psychotropics they don’t need. Is EUPD is a manifestation of the failing individual in an increasingly neoliberal society that tolerated it. A modern western culture bound syndrome?
  2. Hello colleagues, Please I am planning to write casc sept 2018. The online courses are quite expensive as I am not yet working in the UK. I am hoping to share a subscription with anyone for any of the useful online courses. Or if anyone has useful material(s) that would be helpful, I would be very glad. Also which mock exam did successful candidates find helpful? Are IMGs allowed to join trainees in their local casc teachings? Thank you.
  3. Please can you add me in too? Thanks
  4. Congratulations in anticipation man. Hope we here you success story soon!
  5. Who knows, I could be of help perhaps...
  6. Hi, I'm applying for GA. SE of nowhere... Frankly I have no preferences for now. Is SE of Scotland a good placement for GA? Did you do your core training in the Edinburgh area? If yes, how was it? I was advised to be organised during the interview and just continue to 'say anything I like' in the leadership station lol.
  7. Thanks for your response mkasar and blueocean. Blue_Ocean knows what I want? I'm inboxing you both straight away...
  8. I'm quite comfortable to do my ST training in my current Trust but as the saying goes "the good is the enemy of the better" I'm applying for ST4 for GA for August 2017, I need info as regards where to chose. I am confused. I'm not a lover of traffic, metropolitan areas or overcrowding. I appreciate the ambience of coastal areas and want a Trust free of donkey work, and which offers opportunities to make a life (and not just a living). I heard that STs are 1st on call justlike CTs in some Trusts and I will definitely want to avoid that. I'm open to relocate to any part of the country as I don't have baggage yet. Advice needed urgently please!
  9. No. It means you must have had psychiatric training in your home country. When you get to the UK you can do MRCPsych from the scratch. Hope that helps.
  10. Any news about longlisting? I thought March 3rd was the deadline?
  11. Hi Mkasar, How did you go about your psychotherapy ACEs whilst doing locums? Hal
  12. I think I've got thought broadcast! How did you know exactly what I was thinking? To be frank, I don't even know how to prepare for Paper A(i) again if things don't turn out well. The courses didn't help at all. I met a guy who has written the exams severally and he complains that the paper A(i) questions were new and strange. Take a look at the exam recollections. Most of the recalls are A(ii) questions. A(i) was so difficult such that people cannot even recall the questions... God help us
  13. SPMM and PsychMentor didnt help much for paper A1. My worry is not about not passing but rather how to prepare again if I fail...
  14. Thank you for the response. Going by the statement below which applies to ST4 applicants with a Tier 5 Visa status "‎Cannot apply for a training programme. ‎Applicant cannot switch visa status in country. ‎Convenient Will need to satisfy RLMT, ‎restricted CoS will be required. ‎ Candidate can only apply from outside the UK‎" By virtue of my Tier 5 visa status and statements above, when applications for ST4 position opens, can I apply for ST4 from outside the UK? I really want to know if I can apply from outside the UK (with my Tier 5 visa status) when that time comes. Kind Regards
  15. I will go tentatively with Schizophrenia. The jinn possession belief may pass for dissociative depersonalisation which itself can occur in Schizophrenia...