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  1. I think the exam was not an easy one, specially the critical appraisal part. this is the first time is sat for paper b . Any one who sat before can tell us if it was harder or the same as the previous exams
  2. Hello, im wondering if any one can help me to understand the GMC regusteration requirment. I work as a psychiatrist in my county and passed paper A and preparing for paper B. If I passed all the MRCPSYCH exams and scored 7.5 in the ILETS will I be eligible to register in UK and work there ? I tried to look for my answer in the GMC website but I didn’t find anything regarding the international doctora except passing the PALB please help me
  3. I answered living alone
  4. Even though im living in saudi arabia ?
  5. I also choosed not to have my result published. I wonder how many days it will take for the post to be delivered
  6. I answered MAOI Because it shows the most drug inteaction with other drugs. Iknow my answer is wrong but it make sence back then.
  7. Cyclospris is lease benfit as augemntation when used with the follwings : ECT SSRI MAOI TCA Antipsychotic
  8. Agmoletine works is an agonist at melatonin receptor therefore will increase sleep. MOEI is the first like treatment for atypical depresseion
  9. Greays anatomy !!
  10. Try Mediterranean Cruise, its a must !
  11. 1.Practice 2.practice 3.practice
  12. Hello my name is norah and i have just attempt papper a today i hope it went well regards