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  1. My no is 07828110782.
  2. Hi I’m interested. I live near Burnley.
  3. Hi can some one text me how I can join this group
  4. Yes I am having exactly the same prob.
  5. Hi can I join next Sunday. Pls let me know how I can join. Thanks
  6. I am interested to practice on Skype.
  7. Hello I appeared in January. Unfortunately was unsuccessful. Can I join with your group. Thanks
  8. Hi Do you know if we can appear in CASC in Singapore from UK. I am interested to practice in Skype as well. My Skype id is kaniz6ca@yahoo.ca Thanks
  9. Pls post today’s stations
  10. Hi I live near Burnley/blackburn. Any body interested to practise face to face.
  11. Hi I am looking for a study partner as well.