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  1. La Casa De Papel aka Money Heist on Netflix!
  2. Hi

    I hope you are well. sorry for the random message.

    I noticed some of your paper B posts. I have the exam in 3 weeks time- and wanted advice about prep? which questions banks/notes would you recommend?.im very bad with stats/ c appraisal

    many thanks

  3. Hello, I did my paper A from MRCPsychMentor and used it for paper B as well. Took paper B righter after paper A. Used SPMM mocks as well and (thank God) passed paper B in first attempt.
  4. Hello, I was away and missed it. can I have any downloaded / recorded version of this teaching? thanks.
  5. Hi, can you add me as well please? 07884768207. Thanks
  6. Thanks a lot, guys. keep helping!
  7. Hello, does anyone know about the result? When is it expected? and by post, does it get delivered the next day or a bit later? thanks,
  8. It would be really helpful if someone can guide a bit about paper A, its revision and courses.
  9. Thanks
  10. Great. Can you please help us know what should we do to increase our chances to get psychiatry core training if someone is doing his first non-training job in A&E. I sprevious post-Foundation year experience in Psychiatry compulsory to get this training?? Please help.
  11. Hello, Dr Abdullah working as trust grade/FY2 in Emergency Medicine,Interested in doing Psych Training. Looking for guidance and trying to understand the CASC pass criteria. Need help! Nice to be on this club! Thanks for the warm welcome post!