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  1. £76.10 per hour capped rate. Assuming you have a month off a year I make that £144k (40hr week) and £86k after tax. Gosh.. Not worth getting out of bed for that! You know what most people make working minimum wage jobs? Sheesh
  2. Just wondering since the change in tax rules how are people finding locuming? Are less people doing it now? Are people able to find any roles outside of IR35? Are salary caps being raised to compensate?
  3. Ok you have quite a few options.. firstly ask yourself are you set on getting posts outside of IR35, thereby allowing yourself to work as a limited company and pay much less tax. If this is what you want (it’s probably your most lucrative option) then go for a private company. If you want to work NHS, bear in mind that in England locum rates are capped. So I think as a consultant you can’t earn more than £75 per hour unless they’re absolutely desperate and make an exception. So if you want uncapped rates it’s either private, Scotland or Wales. Then coming onto the agency. A Trust will have a preferred agency that they go to first. Ring their recruitment department to find out who this is. This will be the easiest way to get a locum job. However, once the trust struggles to fill the locum post they’ll go to their second, third, fourt etc. Choice of locum agency.. and they’ll likely be able to pay you more than the primary locum agency. Hope that makes sense.
  4. IMHO if you derive your self image and self esteem from a degree, exam or job title then that's a sign of a bigger problem. Be happy with who you are first and all the rest flows from there. Omeiros make your decision based on what you want out of life. Life is too short.
  5. I think he means it's demoralising because his friend got the £250k job rather than him.
  6. Yep it's https://www.brandinstitute.com/memberservices/register.asp It's surveys asking for your opinion on proposed drug names for pharmaceutical companies.. everything from whether they look or sound like existing names or medical terms to your preference Zoran any approximate amounts you can give us for what you earn in both vs how long it takes to do?
  7. Oneiros you remind me of me. You're quite right there's hardly anyone here who thinks like this.. most feel that anything short of being a consultant is absolute failure. It almost seems like a taboo subject to talk about within training. I also couldn't care less about status and would rather have work-life balance. I'm in a different position to you in that I (reluctantly) went in higher training. I did this out of insecurity really.. just to exhaust all the training and give myself maximum options. But if I were back in core-training personally wouldn't be able to hack it and would probably go into locuming again. You've sort of answered your own questions to be honest. You clearly know all of the pro's and cons. For me the IR35 thing was huge.. it seemed to be the difference between earning an ok wage in a job with little job security to a mega salary where you're on more than consultants.. and because of the salary there was job security because effectively you could not work for 3 months of the year and still earn a great wage. The IR35 thing swayed me to go into ST4. But now it seems like positions outside of IR35 are popping up again in the private sector so that might be the way to go. If you ever wanna discuss PM me.. I feel very much the same way as you do about all of this.
  8. You work as a mock examiner and give feedback. How do you get involved in DoLS and LPoA's? Are court reports more if you're a forensic trainee/consultant?
  9. I thought a thread might be useful for compiling a list of opportunities to earn extra money. Obviously there are locum shifts both through agencies and trusts in addition to s12 work Others I have found are online surveys. Brand institute offer surveys £10 per time and I get around two per month. Each takes maybe 15 mins. Another I've found is for the CASC courses. The oxford course offer £250 per day and they have some availability at the end of august. Does anybody know of any more?
  10. Hi Asha, I would say read the Oxford Handbook for interest but to revise for exams (and maybe even for interest) go SPMM and psychmentor all the way. SPMM is expensive but is THE definitive way to pass your exams, I know dozens of people who have passed all they've all used SPMM. Psychmentor is cheap and cheerful, very user friendly but don't rely on it solely to pass
  11. Difficult question to answer Gaya as I've only ever done psychiatry. I think the difference with our subject is that there are SO many different areas you can go into and demands depend on what level you're at. Generally I'd say in your CT years at times you'll have to almost play the role of an FY2.. you'll sometimes be the only medic with any medical knowledge on the ward. However, this isn't always the case and in community jobs it won't be like that at all. Also within CT years you'll need your exams and it's quite demanding outside of working hours. ST4-6 is a completely different story, say goodbye to exams and hello to more psychiatric type decision making. You'll get time aside for research, special interest, study leave etc. Consultant (I'm not there yet) seems to vary a lot. Acute inpatient psychiatry seems like a treadmill to burnout if you ask me. Community seems better. Niche areas such as eating disorders, rehab seem good. Specific fields like CAMHS and LD have a reputation of being more family friendly jobs. Hope this helps, any specific queries PM me.
  12. It seems like the IR35 situation might be about to get better. I've heard the government's change in the law meant that loads of locum doctors have left and a huge amount of IT contractors also.. leaving IT projects incomplete. I think rather than a blanket ban on locum docs being able to set up a limited company soon jobs will be dealt with on a case by case basis. I've had emails from agencies offering jobs in the private sector as "outside of IR35". Hopefully soon it'll be the same for NHS jobs. I for one think that soon we might be in a better position than we were before. Because the responsibility has been shifted onto the employer rather than individual.. if a job is advertised as outside of IR35 there is no risk to us should the government investigate. Fingers crossed, I may start locuming agian soon.
  13. It's good to see this being discussed, I've tried in the past but people don't know about it. I locumed last year and was excited about working under a limited company but I really looked into IR35 and even got a specialist company to look into whether I could do it. There are clear rules and to be honest you'd really have to be bending them to do it as a doctor.. For example can you honestly say you work just for yourself with zero supervision whatsoever? Can you swing into work at 11am and leave early and everything is fine? Can you see patients as and when you please? Could you send a substitution in instead of you? Are you using your own computer? The answer to these will be no for almost everyone and this means you are inside IR35 and basically you're gambling on not being caught (they can go back 6 years and take all your unpaid tax from you). Its complex! You can even pay a company to insure you so that if you are IR35 caught they'll fight the case and cover your back taxes (they also refused to do this as they felt locum doctors were inside IR35). I ended up with PAYE despite my agency saying it was daft and everyone except me was limited company. At least under the new changes the end client is responsible for the assessment so it's not down to us to make that call. But surely the end client is not going to risk it. Existing locums using a limited company are risking a retrospective investigation once they deem you inside of IR35 in April. It's really going to make locums not worth doing anymore. Suddenly your "£45 per hour as a limited company" will be £30 per hour PAYE. Either that or it'll drive all the prices up. This is a shame as I was hoping to return to locuming after CCT.
  14. I've done it a bit. The pros are a 9-5 life with no weekends, little in the way of portfolio and good pay. However some people dislike the insecurity and the fact that there's still a consultant over you. Some people are bothered by the status thing. I'm with you tho, it allows a work-life balance that you don't get as consultant and with comparable pay. There always seems to be jobs so it seems pretty secure
  15. Moderators can we do something about this? This guy is just advertising a locus service on all the threads, even ones that have been closed for years!