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  1. Wonder if they will stop people from E.U to come over if there is an attack by E.U born persons. There are million and millions of muslims in the E.U. And would they go after 'whites' as they are going after 'asians' once a 'white' muslim is involved in an attack....... There are loads and loads of 'white muslims' in the UK and the E.U. On another strain... I wonder why the muslims never go on a peaceful march or hunger strike if they want to protest about something. In today's world 'dying due to a hunger strike' would generate more sympathy than 'being a martyr' by killing others!!! If the Indian subcontinent, South Africa, etc got liberartion by peaceful means why dont the Iraqis and the Afgans try it? Apart from liberation the countries got, people like Gandhi and Mandela are internationally venerated, also in the West........... If you die for peace...there will be peace after you die. If you die for War...there will still be war after you die. The muslims should try peace for a change. The West would be 'defeated' more easily......
  2. Who bothers about candidates!!! Their concern is just to run the business.......They are begging FY2s to take Psychiatry just coz ST1 in not filled up. They will twist rules whichever way to get the work done at lowest cost. You and me are welcome if we suit their designs.......otherwise we are not the 'right candidates'.
  3. The British made railways and 'civil services' so that they could plunder and tax more effectivily. Its a different thing that India got out of their hand much against their schemes. Some social changes though like banning of sati and child marriage etc by some Britishers were philanthropic activities. To say that the British go somewhere to do good is 'head in the sand attitude'. What comes out of their selfish motives is a different thing. For example Mittals bidding for British steel industry about 50 yrs after British stopped plundering India....or Chinese buying British car companies 100 yrs after the 'cutting of the Chinese melon' i.e division of China by Europian colonial powers. Does anyone think that England brought over overseas doctors to make their life better? It was a well devised plan to run the NHS with their help for a time and then send them off in a 'civilised way' citing the European labour laws. What came of their plan is a different thing again! BAPIO stepped in. Otherwise nonE of the non-EU doctors could have even applied for the mass recruitment this Feb. British have always been unfair....only that they garb it in 'civilised talk'.........British never wanted to help the sub-continent.........just to loot and plunder.....of course they needed railways....otherwise how could they make the natives grow cotton...tranport it to ports to be shipped off to England........and bring in fabric to sell to Indians. How could salt be transported after the natives made it?
  4. Practising one's own religion doesnt seem to be bad in itself. Its the incentive or commands in certain religions to convert and force others to accept ones ways is what is detrimental to world peace. And then there is Mr Bush who is after oil...................
  5. Muslims seem to be at war with Christians, Jews, Hindus in various parts of the world. Also more muslims kill muslims than any body else. Either muslims hate everybody else or everybody else hates muslims. Whatever the reason......
  6. Thanks for your comprehensive advice...Rajaraja.
  7. Does anybody know if staff grades would be allowed to apply for ST4 next year? Would this year be an exception in allowing staff grades to apply for ST positions? I have a FTSTA 3 post for August. Was wondering if I should go for a staff grade post now that I have been successful in Part2. If FTSTA3 is the only route for ST3 ( left over after ST3s have their pick >) then no point in going for a staff grade post now. Any dependable information?? Thanks
  8. Does the Gold Guide say anything about Staff Grades being allowed/ not beind allowed to apply for ST4 in 2008? They might come up with a rule that only FTSTAs can apply for ST4....... Who would be preferable for ST4......staff grade or FTSTA3?
  9. Hi Folks, Just wanted to know if one is eligible to be appointed to ST3 run-through if one have more than 48 months of Psy training. Do you know of anyone more than 48 months of training appointed to ST3? or more than 24 months appointed to ST2? Thanks
  10. sorry 'formal'
  11. In the same boat folks.....can a gormal complaint be made to any one in MMC??
  12. I am thinking of applying for GP next year not because Psychiatry is not ok. Having aquired much more than average with regards to CV etc in a short time, and my consultants giving me excellent appraisals all through......I have failed to get a ST post. Even if I get an ST post ( dont know how!!) Gen Adult ST4 would be for a few people only and as this round of interviews/fiasco has revealed there are always favoured matter how 'fair' the system poses to be. I am not interested in any other than Gen Adult Psy. Is it not ok to be a GP with a special interest in Psychiatry that being a staff grade where one works hard, probably knows more than trainees and realistically cannot become a consultant and see people around him progress on? Dont know about US MLE......awaiting MRCPsych 2 confused!!
  13. I am inclined to become a GP. Anyone knows and drawbacks in being crappy nurses telling you what to do/ managers asking you to meet referral targets.....etc. Thought one would be free from such stuff as a GP than a hospital doctor specially in psychiatry where one feels bullied by 'less knowledgeable' nurses. What do people feels about job satisfaction etc?
  14. Can one debate advantages/disadvantages of leaving Psychiatry as a career and becoming a GP..... Even if one has a ST post now (dont have one yet!), Gen Adult ST4 wouldn't be many (if one prefers that). I would prefer being a staff grade in Gen Adult that doing anyhthing else as a consultant life long. But then why not become a GP? Any drawbackS in becoming a GP? Possibility of a special ineterest in Psychiatry if one likes it that much.
  15. No ST posts in round 2 for Psychiatry....see MMC document