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  1. Hi there ..I will be more than happy to be part of such an effort .. it will be rather nice if we can find a couple of more members to join us and buy an SPMM part A high yield material .. Regards
  2. Hi there it possible if I can share the course material for PAPER-A1 with anyone ? Thanks
  3. Hi everyone .. anybody taking paper A in December 2018 and willing to share SPMM high yield course .? Reply me please ..thank you
  4. i have joined this forum recently and found it very very helpful. any group for CASC who is starting preparation for janaury ? any information in this regard is highly appreciated. Thank you
  5. Well went through a bit of research regarding this future contract n things dont look promising to b honest
  6. Any detail feeback from sep casc?
  7. Looks promising ...Dosnt it?
  8. I am a psychiatry resident working in KSA. Im foing to Attepmt CASC in January-- can somebody please guide me in this regard as in where to start from ... your feedback is highly appreciated in advance . Thank you