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  1. i just rang the examinations team at RCPsych. They advised not to as it was very unlikely for the results to change. He said that the answer sheets are marked by a machine, and when they are remarked, they are done by hand. He said that he had been doing it for 4 years, and has never seen marks change. I think i'd rather just resit the exam. Don't think I want to go through the anxiety of waiting for the remark, only to get the same marks back again!
  2. has anyone requested for a remark? It costs £130 pounds, and sounds like a bit of a rip-off, but I failed by 0.1%... Would you guys do it?
  3. So Leicester are favourites now. 1/5000 odds at the start of the season..
  4. Guys, how good does the new focus RS look and sound?! Never thought I'd say this but I think i'm going to change my dream car from a Vanquish to a ford focus! £30k
  5. Agreed. Sicario was amazing. And how good was star wars?!
  6. Something about crystallized IQ?
  7. i believe depolarization is rapid cellular entry of sodium, and repolarization is potassium exiting cell.
  8. i'm guessing x recessive?
  9. gl everybody!
  10. if aguero can stay fit. (he can't)
  11. http://drs-oleary.com/Projective_Identification.htm
  12. gravity was okay. Preferred interstellar
  13. I'm a huge arsenal fan and I'm always optimistic, but if we continue to defend in the manner we did yesterday, it's going to be another depressing season
  14. Hello all, I'm Aaron and I am a CT2 trainee in the UK, currently preparing for paper A!
  15. Hi all, so no one has created (as far as I can see) a Topic for this years EPL. It looks like this one will be an interesting one. Man City looked like the team to beat after starting the season with 5 wins, however after 2 straight defeats things are not looking good for them. Chelsea haven't really clicked this season, and now with Costa banned it looks like they won't have a (proper) striker for the next couple matches. Maybe it's Manchester United or Arsenal's year?