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  1. I know it has been a month since this appeared. I will be doing paper B in April 2016. Is there still the opportunity to join the group? skype ammiebm Mob 07742878243
  2. AF is a type of Cardiac Arrythmia. But there can be other Arrythmias
  3. You do not need to have worked in Psychiatry before applying for core training. Although you have to show commitment to specialty.
  4. I think even the attitude of the public towards psychiatrists can be taboo. I was trying to find accommodation in order to start my job. People were rather enthusiastic when I said I was a doctor. However, as soon as I mentioned psychiatry they became wary and more held back. I do not know whether this is because they thought I was going to "analyse" them or because doing psychiatry in itself was negative enough.
  5. Do you follow any regular TV series? Any good suggestions? I tend to watch a lot of comedy as I want to wind down. Simpsons, family guy, big bang theory, baby daddy, crazy ex-girlfriend, fresh off the boat. Also big Pretty Little Liars fan.
  6. I am also starting CT1 in February! I tend to read just regular fiction. I like crime dramas like Commissario Montalbano and romantic historical fiction. Need to unwind when I read.
  7. Hello everyone Nice to meet you all I'm Anne. Currently working as a Locum CT1 in Essex. Officially starting CT1 at SLaM from February. Thinking of trying part B in April.