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  1. Yes. Seems that the Mock question was slightly different than the exam question, and hence Aripiprazole seems to be the best answer
  2. Some more questions i can remember.... 1. &2. Couple more questions about prisoners and what you do in certain examples.... one was to send a collapsed patient to A&E.. another one was a prisoner who murdered someone, and was now becoming completely unmanageable on ward, think it was a secure/locked unit 3..bit of clarification about the mci patoent converting to alzheimers....question was actually quite specific about which type of mci,, Amnesic MCI....i think that means the conversion rate is quite high,>30% compared to mci 4. LBD question, initial treatment was rivastigmine, Then it got tricky, 5 asked about a tx that might have been given for visual hallucinations and added about this drug making it worse..(i think they meant quetiapine) 6. Anorexia initial intervention 7. Bulimia compared to anorexia 8. Which therapy is shown to be effective for all eating disorders 9. Williams syndrome- disinhibited behaviour 10. Cri du chat - cat like cry 11. Conduct disorder link with maternal smoking 12. Which doen syndrome genetic type linked with high cognitive scores 11. What % autism have epilepsy as a teenager 12.&13&14Critical appraisal questions about study linking bipolar depression with rates of dementia.. one question mentioned why the rates were low at start, another asked about which 2 lines in graph were closely linked most, and another asked how best to describe the overall relationship.. 15. Ecg for clozapine patient with high crp 16. Young man overdosed on ssri 2 days earlier in a&e now. Autonomic instability and rigidity.. they were asking was it NMS or SS... looked like serotonin syndrome as onset wad quick, and not leadpipe rigidity 17. Forensic question linking mentally ill people with higher rate of crime than normal population. 18. % chance of child of a female with schizophrenia developing schizophrenia 19. &20 sensitivity and specifity calculation for a new diagnostic test.. the sensitivity was low in 50s or 60s but high specificity of 98% 21. Question about blinding to prevent bias 22. Most common presentation of acute wernickes encephalopathy.. very tricky question,a all 3 of classic triad, b,c,d = various combinations of 2 of the 3, e = cerebellar/ataxia alone Ps.. as i type this i am realising more errors i made in the exam!!!!
  3. Some questions i know now i got wrong!!! Ahhhhh 1. Di George Syndrome is associated with Schizophrenia 2. L.D. disorder associated with purine metabolism is Lesch Nyhan 3. Fishy smell illicit drug is Methadrone 4. Ecg question about anorexia 5. Ssri drug and sexual complaint 6. Lithium toxicity 7. Lewy body dementia PROBABLE diagnosis feature 8. What is most common group of murder victim for a psychotic lady? 9. % range for epilepsy rates in an adolescent with autism 10. Cocaine with the young man in a&e with dysphoria 11. Alcohol damage to certain part of brain 12. Prisoner who shoplifted on remand, what ward to go to when goes manic 13. Stable bipolar lady on valproate and olanzapine...wants to become pregnant via fertility treatment. Next step? 14. % range of MCI that convert to Alzheimers each year 15. Diagnosis of man in 80's with memory problems for 3 yrs and ace3 score 68 who has a son with huntingdons and a deceased sister with alzheimers
  4. This was my 1st time sitting paperB. i was shocked at how wordy the critical appraisal questions were. There is less than 60 secs to answer each question and yet we had so much info to read before we could even get started! I had to rush the 2nd half of the exam due to that, and prob made lots of mistakes due to that.... Some Questions i can remember, 1. 2 effects each for ketamine, opioid, and bdz overdose. 2. Frontotemporal dementia subtypes.. 3. Binswanger disease.. 4. Pigmentation with quetiapine 5. Downs risk in 30yo mum 6. Temporal lobe epilepsy 7. Retts synd and angelman synd neurodevelopmental 8. Young school child with auditory prob vs normal. 9. Dyslexia/reading disorder q 10. Clozapine level and hypersalivation-2choices of intervention 13. Which benzo instead of librium in liver disease 14. Wilsons disease - mentioned in 2 questions 15. Bladder problem with ketamine 16. Olanzapine depot and managing 17. Lyme disease 18. Somatoform and pain/burning 19. Herpes encephalitis 20. Head injury and suicide 21. Audit- consultant asking trainee to improve service 22. MET for teenager and cannabis 23. Family therapy question at camhs 24. Camhs q about tic disorder 25.26 couple of questions linking anxiety with autism 27. Autism and Downs link 28.29 couple of lithium questions - 1 about a mixed affective state, other about side effect 30. Ect and drugs lowering seizure threshold. 31. repetitive brain stimulation and electrodes-or if nice guidelines for depression 32. Young man with low libido on 3rd antipsychotic.. 33. Clozapine in 15yr old psychosis? 34. Pneumonia and uti and cardiovascular disease study -pneumonia had most admissions i think 35. Ct brain i think for man with neuro signs at a&e but pacemaker 36. A few more vague a&e presentations -liaison questions... 1 in particular was about a delirium and to treat the infection. 37. Definite dementia question about huntingdons 38. Defenite dementia question about lewybody dementia-behaviour fluctuating and worsened with antipsychotic 39. Trick question about most common dementia <65 = still alzheimers 40. Question about biggest risk factor for autism - think it was genetics ....thats all i can think of now off top of my head before i collapse! Long day. micheal Sorry, typo in point 14= williams syndrome
  5. Yeh, a1 was mental , pardon the pun.