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  1. I got 75.8% overall, awful score in C&A but then again I haven't done that post yet, otherwise all good. Most people did better than me in the critical appraisal but then again I didn't do a course, but still shows you don't need to to pass. I used the Oxford Handbook, Maudsley and Drs Guide to Critical Appraisal and two good MCQ books, Best of Five MCQs and paper 3 and Paper B 600 MCQs, both free from the library
  2. commiserations guys I passed but the others who sat it with me and who had done the SPMM course and question bank etc failed, some for the second and third time I would reiterate not to waste money on the courses and go by the syllabus checking each item off as you cover it, that's what I did for paper A in December and this one, both passed first time, didn't leave a single item out on the syllabus It must have been a toughie if only 44% passed
  3. hyperhomocystinaemia I picked dementia due to vascular stuff
  4. I don't know why you all spend massive amounts of money on courses and notes etc. The college give you the syllabus for free! A friend sent me PDF of the spmm notes for the paper A in December. I found that paper tough and thought the spmm notes were pretty useless. I recognised a lot of questions from the Oxford Handbook which I use every day in work. So this time for Paper B I used that, doctors guide to critical appraisal for stats and two mcq books- best of 5 mcqs (palaniyappan who does the spmm) and paper B 600 mcqs (green cover) all of which I got from the library for free. Thought the paper was much more doable than the paper A so that's what I would recommend. Oxford covers everything in good detail in my opinion. I have never believed in spending money on intensive courses when you're given a syllabus with everything that can be examined! I won't be spending anything on CASC prep either. There's a couple of questions I got wrong...I realised afterward that the postnatal question was depression rather than OCD and there was another one where I should have picked bradycardia over BMI..easy stuff I knew but for some reason that all goes out the window under pressure!
  5. The first one was a two-group prospective study on Donepezil vs placebo for agitation in AD. I read through the stem again and again, but couldn't find any information on randomization. they asked what type of study it was, and the options were (a) naturalistic outcome (b) cohort (c) crossover (d) double-blind RCT and one more. there was nothing to suggest it was an RCT. But it wasn't any of the others either. the other questions were data based (NNT etc) I think I picked an option that had RCT followed by open label extension, or something
  6. I thought it was very straightforward which is nervewracking as I feel certain I passed... wondering what others thought
  7. Just sat Paper A and found it toughest exam I have ever sat... and I have never failed one yet. Not holding out much hope for this one though.
  8. None of our patients seemed to have made the transition - it's still cigarettes or nicorette for them
  9. Do you guys get your exam fees subsidised in the UK or do you have to pay yourself? The CASC is expensive...
  10. Those locum rates are awful! In Ireland they are cutting down on locums too but the pay is better than that.
  11. Hi I'm in FY1, Ireland, just sat Paper A this week. (FY1 is the first year of psychiatry training in Ireland)