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  1. Calm down guys, dont feel so threatened. No one has said they'll "get paid as a doctor". In reality, there are already existing Physician associates, mainly working in acute specialities, e.g A&E, Cardiac units, Renal, perfusionist. They will be under the direct supervision of a doctor and will compliment the doctor's work. They can examine and diagnose - BUT CANT TREAT OR PRESCRIBE. It's going to be a really intensive curriculum and training - so the jury is out on how many practitioners will take this up (as the case of nurse prescribers.
  2. There's no "normal" working hours, it all depends on your contract and job plan. Remember some doctors work shifts / flexible hours. The consultant's own personal job plan may be working till 5:15pm, but he/she should know better (as a consultant) not to generalise. Maybe it's a service level agreement, but if it wasnt included in your contract / job plan, then it doesnt apply to you. Stick to what's agreed on your contract and you'll be okay.
  3. I think you need more than this forum. There's always more in a relationship that cant be shared on an open forum or indeed others. Have you both considered marraige counselling?
  4. Why are you asking these questions? I'm really surprised you are asking this at this stage....or more importantly don't know where to check your facts. Don't rely on comments here or on any forum. NICE guidance, Maudsley etc will guide you. By the way, Take that is right.
  5. No.....don't even try going there in the exam. On the other hand, the non stimulant ADHD drug - Atomoxetine can cause liver dysfunction.
  6. Thought i would continue the tradition and open a thread for the new league season. As usual a lot of hype and build up analysis as taken place, but in the end, 38 games will separate the men from boys. My prediction for top 4 - Man City, Man U, Chelsea and Arsenal (yes, Loserpool will lose out) Relegation will be between QPR, Burnley, Leicester, C Palace, Swansea and West Brom
  7. Just abide by your username - Relaxed mind. Do something different, fun and enjoy your life (dont let exam dominate it).
  8. What do you need? The actual station scenario or help in assessing adult ADHD? There's a NICE guidance document on adult ADHD which gives a lot of information on the subject - should be helpful.
  9. Try to contact some peers or colleagues at your work place and see if you can join a CPD group based on your specialty. It usually works best that way, as you wont have to bother about patient confidentiality and notes when doing case discussions. On the other hand, you can make visits to the mental health trust / service closest to you, and similarly, make contacts with peers and make enquiries about CPD groups. I have locum doctors in my CPD group and a retired psychiatrist who is no longer working for NHS.
  10. Dont blame you, i blame Moyes for all this!
  11. I presume you mean Paper 1 (you dont want to start by getting the name of the exam wrong). Check through the thread where you posted this, it's been well & extensively discussed over the years.
  12. It's been a disasterous and humiliating tour, and somehow i now really feel sorry for them. It's sad to see the spirit being sucked out of the team like that and playing without any real drive or fight. Kudos to Australia though, for re-inventing themselves after a similarly humiliating tour in England. They have totally deserved the overwhelming victory but i'm sure they will even feel flattered by the 12 - 1 scoreline.
  13. Stan was surely the Man. Well done to him. Played absolutely well and cant be denied of a well earned victory. He started well off the blocks and overpowered Nadal in the 1st set. Iliked his deep returns off Nadal's serve - which is one weapon Novak also uses against Nadal. He never allowed him into any rhythm. But he was lucky when serving for the set at 0-40 down, as i dont think a fully fit Nadal will let 3 break points slip. It just doesnt happen. Took his foot off in the 3rd and allowed Nadal back in. At that stage i was really worried for him as 4th & 5th sets are Nadal's territory but he managed to hold strong and serve out. It's refreshing to see a new slam winner besides the usual 4. Only Del Potro has managed to win in 2009 and has not come near it since. It's a bit late for Stan at the age of 28 but i hope he can win maybe 1 or 2 more, or atleast contest at the big stage. But hey, not many get a chance with those super-human folks (Nadal, Novak, Fed) around, so he should savour this for as long as he can.
  14. Didn't Stan beat Nadal in one of the slams last year? I remember he made a good run before eventually bowing to Djokovic. I think his bet bet would be to face Nadal who he came outplay with his power play. But kudos to him for improving his game another level. Would love to see another slam winner besides the usual 4 though.
  15. There's life still in the old warrior Federer. Absolutely impressvive so far in thi tournament. He brings to fore the saying that greatness is really an ability to kee re-inventing yourself through many seasons and opposition. I for once didnt reckon he could make it this far, judging by his form last year. But facing Nadal is anther kettle of finish. Somehow, irrespective of form, Nadal has a psychological impact on Federer. He's the only player who has consistently been able to put the great man on the back foot and stops him getting inthe flow. Unless Nadal has a pretty bad day, then it may be another regulation win for him (Although i think Fed will win the 1st set). Li Na is in the final and surely will be the favourite. I havent watched her so far but became more interested after Sands mentioned her.