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  1. Hey, I’m interested and would prefer to start early, based in Manc so would be online practice. Thanks
  2. Let me know if you are interested in online CASC practice thinking couple of hours on weekend and/or an hour on week days.
  3. Hi thanks for reply, I am going for September so will prob start practice later on, hope CT1 goes well.
  4. Any motivated people want to join an online CASC revision group for Jan 2020?
  5. Best book is The Doctor’s Guide to critical Appraisal by Gosall if you learn and understand this it’s more than enough to pass this part of the exam
  6. Great added you
  7. I would say do a few months of locum work (not competitive) and then apply for a core training post. A lot of people come into psychiatry from other specialities and in my experience are welcomed.
  8. Hi do you have WhatsApp, your number is not working?
  9. Does anyone want to join a WhatApp group for paper B in October 2019?