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  1. NY wrote: I am not surprised at all. The onlt thing I would add is that if you hold a british passport, things might b a bit better at the official level but not the day to day life level. Well thats another story. If you hold a british or American passport, you get a better pay than your counterpart with an Asian passport. A British or American doctor gets paid the maximum, followed by the local doctor, followed by coloured British or American doctor and then the non Brit/Amercan passport holder for doing the same job. An Arabic Journalist once wrote criticising that the discrimination is so much that a white carpenter commands more respect than an Indian Ambassador. He was later critisiced for writing that article , but he was telling the truth which doesnt go down well everytime. Another recent development was the British degree was devalued against the American one. So the British consultants were demoted but given a higher pay so that they dont complain. But they have to work under an American consultant if avaialble.
  2. Hi, I have experience of working in Dubai. Psychiatry in a government hospital is next to impossible if you dont know the language. If you are an asian, non muslim the chances are slimmer. One does face quite alot of racism there which is very open. You face it even if you are a professional based on your skin colour. A professional faces racism on the street, in the immigration office, airport, driving tests etc....... You are treated like a labourer outside your hospital setup if you have brown skin. They call you ' hey Hindi'(Indian) or 'Bakistani' (Pakistani). Pay is good if you are a government employee. If you work for a private hospital it varies and , you are at their mercy. Some of them take away your passport as soon as you join. You cannot move from one job to another unless you get a 'release' from your current employer, who wont give you one unless he gets someone else in your post.The laws favour the employer rather than the employee. As a psychiatrist your hands are tied regarding prescribing any benzos or any sedatives. If the Ministry feels that you are prescribing 'too many ' benzos, you will be put behind bars. There were some prominent psychiatrists arrested and put behind bars. If something untoward happens to your patient , god help you. If you need peace of mind Middle East is not for you.
  3. flakjak wrote: Thanks Flakjak. I didnt need P45. She was happy to see my P60s. She didnt even want the payslips. I got my ILR stamped today. I went in person. They were very nice and professional. I reported at the reception. Within 15 minutes my number was flashed and a lady checked all my papers and she asked me to go to the next counter and pay. After payment within minute I saw my case worker on my case. She scrutinised the papers for alsmost 20 minutes and called me . She told me everything was in order but they have to get the mandatory checks done which will take about an hour and a half. I had lunch and came back and there was already a long queue outside the PEO to get in. I stood in the queue but, another lady came out identified me and took me in to the counter and I collected all my passports. It went very smooth without any hiccups.
  4. Hi, I changed my job once in between. I have all my P60s and my payslips. But I cant find my P45. Does it matter?
  5. Hi NY, Yes there are so many topics one can do as a special interest , like ECT, neuropsychiatry, epilepsy clinic, huntingtons clinic, parkinsons clinic, teaching, psychodynamic psychotherapy, CBT supervised sessions, Substance misuse,eating disorder clinic, liaison psychiatry, forensic placements, ..........etc. The topics are plenty for you to chose from. I consider doing geriatric med just for the sake of DGM is a waste, thats my personal feeling. Cheers!
  6. Hi Venkat, I am in the same boat. I am unsure whether i should waste 6 months special interest for geriatric medicine. Opinions may differ.
  7. I am sure I have read it somewhere that money which has been paid in excess by the Trust which is their mistake cant be claimed back from the trainee by the Trust. If I were you I will go through the T&C handbook and quote the paragraph. Joining BMA may be of some help.
  8. apparently things have changed, and I am not sure when this happened. I have consulted the BMA and this was the reply i got.
  9. Hi, I hope this paragraph from the BMA might explain something. 'Where staff doctors work for the whole time that they are on duty out-of-hours (whether compulsorily resident or not) the allocation of sessions will be one session per four hours on-call. Where staff grade doctors are required to work for 50 per cent or more of the time that they are on duty out-of-hours, and where the paragraph above does not apply, sessions may be allocated on the basis of one session per six hours on duty. The following scale may be useful in determining sessional allocation for periods of on-call work where staff grade doctors are required to work for less than 50 per cent of the time they are on duty out-of-hours. These figures are only a guide. % of time worked during a period of out-of-hours duty Basis of sessional allocations 0 – 25% one session per 8 hours of duty 26 – 49% one session per 7 hours of duty' I agree It is quite confusing and BMA says that st4 can choose to be on the protected salary plus an allowance or ST training grade salary with banding, whichever is beneficial to the trainee. This makes the protected salary business very unappealing. (salary gets protected after 13 months of continous job in the staff grade post according to the T&C). Trusts can stop paying the excess if they have been paying you a high salary by mistake. But they cant ask you to reimburse the amount paid excess.
  10. Dont worry too much about it. People are now getting shortlisted and selected, eventhough some deaneries are still not advertising the posts. The idea is not to lose hope. One can get selected for an ST4 job from the career post against all odds stacked up against them. The main things i beleive one should have are excellent references, evidence of the main 4 areas of work as a consultant which are clinical experience, teaching experience, publications experience and research. Dont get too bogged down by research. Prepare a good CV, dont be hesitant to be overinclusive, as everything we do is important. Try to be confident at the interview. I saw many anxious faces, I was anxious too,(who wont be) but i think i managed not to show it. The main message is , to learn from the failures and prepare yourself for the next intervew with a vengeance. I havent said anything new here which you are not already aware. Dont despair , keep trying.
  11. Hi JMF, Congrats! I took the one in Nottingham. Remind me, did we meet at the interview?
  12. No idea, but there were 16 shortlisted, if that is of any help.
  13. At Last, got selected for ST4 in Old Age. I hope my friends from Kent, Birmingham and also the lady from Birmingham got through. Good luck for the interview today guys!
  14. Any idea how many gen adult and old age ST4 posts are there in the east midlands?I am also shortlisted, see you guys there.
  15. I found it very disappointing. I took my family there so that when I receive my i wanted to take a group photograph with them with me in my gown. It was in fact very disappointing. There was no gown to hire at the venue. I paid 35 pounds for each member of my family and they could have at least provided lunch which wouldnt have cost them 10 pounds each. They could have kept the remaining 25 pounds to themselves. Nobody even checked the passes at the gate.This is a once in a lifetime occassion for most of us and they should have spent some more attention to it.The MacDonalds nearby profited, as I saw a rush there after the group photograph was taken. The place was full of hungry men in suits and their hungry families. It was a rip off. The food they provided at the venue was mini kebab stcks with cheese and tomatoes and some cocktail sausages on stick for the kids. The Royal college of surgeons was a posh affair. They had a 3 course meal, a black tie affair. When will our College learn!