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  1. Looking for CASC study partner London Face to face or skype Please contact me My number is 07885446550
  2. I want to join aswell Live in london but can do skype practice
  3. Hi, I want to study for paper A aswell send me your number and contact details so I can add you on what z app as I hardly come on Psych Club Awaiting response
  4. Hi Silent_menace,i have also accepted CT1 post in Psychiatry from Aug 16, Can you please share your contact so we can be in touch. I have couple of queries aswell. my emailadress is
  5. That is scary.. I am going to start CT1 in Aug 16 and want advise on how and when to give paper A and how long it take to revise and from which website/books? as I have little kids, want to plan ahead.
  6. Every one wants to be successful until they see what it actually takes..
  7. Hi dear all, I am starting CT1 Psychiatry in London Aug 16, Any advises about exams and professional development is appreciated.