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  1. I did ISC Medical- overall good. I heard Oxford course is good as well.
  2. Try to discuss with your educational supervisor first, then TPD. Also discuss with other SpR on the same rotation to see if this problem is specific to this particular consultant or similar pattern everywhere. You can probably get some valuable tips from ST5-6 around you as well.
  3. Sorry, but I am a bit puzzled and must be reading something wrong here?!!!!!! What is the bit about being a Taxi driver?! Who is the taxi driver, you???!!!!!!!!!! Taxi driver for his family, I guess!!!
  4. It's very clear from college announcement. They removed the validity period for paper 3. So if anyone pass either papers or Old Part 1 , he/she must complete CASC within the new time frame. I think it is fair now logically but again, it is difficult to support retrospective rule implementation. Any way, it's a good news for Part 1 holders.
  5. 1st Attempt: Behaved like an SHO (anxious and less confident). Too preoccupied with the structure in my mind to cover all aspects = failed 2nd Attempt: Behaved like a Consultant (more confident). Kept my mind open, treated actor/actress as real patient. Was pragmatic in approach rather than fixed = Pass
  6. Gook luck to all CASC'ers.
  7. Keep in a safe place. You can use this money when you will visit India next time!!
  8. I am going to start ST4 Old age under Barts and Royal London scheme from this august. Can anyone tell about current pay banding?
  9. Has anyone got London GAP offer?
  10. Got an Old Age offer (London) but kept it in hold as waiting for General Adult (same deanery)
  11. Have got an ST4 Old age offer (London/KSS) at 12:30. But kept it in hold as waiting for General Adult outcome
  12. I have declined their ST4 OAP interview offer, so 13 candidates now then.......
  13. Can anyone elaborate interview structure for London/KSS?
  14. I received GAP & OAP. Any idea about interview?
  15. Just received e-mail response from London/KSS. Those who have been shortlisted will be contacted for interview by the end of this week or even up to 72 hours prior to interview!!