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  1. Hi all, Thanks for your valuable input.. i am working in Ireland since 2011 till now. Worked in non training scheme but covered all what a trainee do..and maintained portfolio. I did 2 years as sho and 4 years as a reg then did Tutor job for one year.. Did one year of psych of old age One year child psych 6 months addiction One year general adult One year rehab and tutor post Moved to nz worked there as reg for 6 months Now working as Locum SR and clinical lecturer.(general adult) Return from nz as got my irish passport and my Mrcpsych. Now applied for mccee and send application for verification of my training.. 1.My question is it better to complete st4 training in psychiatry in UK..before moving to Canada. 2. Can i work with mccee and eligibility for fellowship exam .. what is the process to find job 3. If i want to further sub specialise in liaison or forensic psychiatry in canada is that possible