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  1. good luck all
  2. or was it recall bias
  3. the emi on personality disorders was anakastic,dependent and histrionic
  4. can anyone kindly explain or provide informations on NINCDS-ARDA diagnostic criteria? thanks
  5. it appears we may never know how the college does the marking for this exam ,no one knows the SECRET OF TORA they say,honestly in my own opinion ,i feel they do some form of negative markings or possibly make some questions carry less marks, their calculations are ridiculous, they dont add up and also lacks transparency,i think this Angoff crap is just a front .
  6. very likely to be between 50 -55%,bear in mind that the college is capable of surprises! i would not count on any guesswork
  7. what is funnel plot used for? a)publication bias b)cant remember other options
  8. good luck all.
  9. hi Sue, sorry to hear about what you are going through ,i agree with the suggestion that you should discuss the matter with your lead clinician . if this person is taking up a locum consultant job for the first time ,she needs to be told about the work commitments expected and responsibilities that goes with it. it looks to me that she is been left unchecked ,i am sure she would sit up ,if this is brought up by a senior consultant. lastly i do not agree with the racial comments made ,they are truly unwarranted.
  10. all the best guys'
  11. i was in a similar situation ,and this is what i had to do, you have to apply to the college via the sub-dean ,for a temporary accreditation of your job, this includes attaching a copy of your job description,letter of appointment, weekly time-table,which must include weekly one-one supervision ,with a consultant approved by the college for supervision. also you must be attending Mrcpsych teaching,and psychology teaching sessions at least.
  12. i found the telephone conversation with the consultant more like verification of informations obtained from last station,because he was more interested in things like ,onset of the peuperal illness,breast feeding , paternity leave ,i made sure i discussed risks with him as well,this got me really worried after i left ,considering all the stories we hear about risk stations been' killer stations' what a terrible exam.
  13. thanks kamran ,this is appreciated .
  14. passed written ,thanks all,now lets crack that Osce
  15. increased glutamayl transpeptidase has a diagnotic specificity in 70% of people with alcohol depence (is this the same as gamma glutamyl transferase?)