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  1. Could we kindly discuss the questions that came up this time? Here is what I remember - will post more questions if I can remember. 1) Basal ganglia related question - tracts going in and out of basal ganglia. Cannot remember specifics. 2) EMI The last question about alcohol addiction! I've never seen that anywhere in SPMM. I know the last answer was 12 steps as I am familiar with it. The first two I have no idea. 3) DIagnosis of Bipolar disorder - I chose 1 mania and 1 depressive episode as prerequisite. I am guessing that is correct. Correct me if wrong. 4) There was a question about Huntington's gene it was IT something on chromosome 4. I got this one right. 5) EMI on side effects of Lithium (exac of psoriasis) and topiramate (weightloss) from a stem- let me know if you answered differently. 6) There were questions asking about receptors that Agomelatine target...there was another receptor related question (EMI) I cannot remember. 7) There were 2 or 3 psychology questions that were straightforward that you'd know if you covered stages. 8) There were two questions about kids abilities according to age. They had weird ranges...and it could go eitherway (right or wrong)...I am really not sure how this one went.
  2. Anyone have any clue about that basal ganglia question? I can't even remember the options - but it was hard. I have never seen that content before having gone through SPMM 3 times.
  3. Thanks a lot for the advice. Also as an IMG do I have a good chance at securing a training spot?
  4. Hello guys, I graduated from Ireland in 2013, and have completed my internship in Singapore. I've decided to move to UK (as my family is based there) and am currently doing PLAB exams. I am interested in a future career in psychiatry, but I understand it is very difficult for IMG/ non-UK/EU citizens to secure those spots. Would someone be able to answer the following for me- 1) Do I need to sit my MRCPsych part A and B now? Will this give me an edge at the interview? 2) When I apply for trust jobs upon reaching England, shall I do Psych or non-psych jobs? 3) What kind of things are they looking for in my CV? I do not have any publications yet 4) Which sources do I use for MRCPsych? Do you reccomend any courses? (I've only worked one 6 month SHO posting in Psychiatry so far, that is it) Thank you for reading this and your help.