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  1. I was successful re: pay protection nearly 3 years ago when taking an ST4 post during MTAS from a 2 1/2 yr substantive SG post, and continue to receive 12 sessions (10 for 9-5, Mon -Fri; 2 for 1:15 on call) at somewhere on the optional points of the old SG pay scale The relevant pay circular is Pay Circular (M&D) 4/2007, from NHS Employers, hopefully attached below (if I can get it to work) What does the most recent monitoring exercise say n relation to out of hours actually worked, if you are looking to convert it from a banding to sessions? Copy this with a covering letter & copies of pay slips in SG post to Trust HR (they are your employers), dropping in a casual reference to Small Claims Court and sit back. The recent ruling on "Deaneries as Employment Agencies" may be beneficial (check the Remedy Website) Best of luck pc_md_2007-041.pdf
  2. All depends what you want it for - investment or home? Whichever it is for, how long is that for - 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, until the mortgage is cleared and you'll get your pension? If the latter, then you are paying for a home. The notional "value" of the property at any particular point in the next x years makes bugger all difference if you are happy living there, pay the mortgage with relative ease, & don't need/want to sell, given that at the end of the mortgage it will be all yours. If short term - how much can you afford to lose before you are in negative equity, and unable to sell it to clear the mortgage? Best of luck, whatever your decision H
  3. Easy one would be to audit prescribing against NICE guidelines (in terms of dosing regimes, high dose, low dose etc.)Audit tools included in the back of the one on Methadone RxPhil
  4. Thanks for the link to show the old web pages - brought me flashbacks of revising for the old parts 1&2 in 2002/5! Full autonomic arousal with sweat and anxiety about baboon hierarchy etc etc.
  5. How will you describe the nature eg in a first episode patient with manic features?
  6. Actually a member since 2000ish

  7. Yes. On call over the weekend some 80 miles away from home, and discovering when emptying my bag in the accommodation on Saturday morning that I hadn't brought my inhaler with me (asthmatic). Not worth bothering OOH GP, well known personally to local pharmacies (towards the end of ST5 job in Addictions), and ended up with pharmacist just taking the piss out of me for being so poorly organised, dishing out the inhaler & all sorted in 5 minutes.
  8. It's all down to local deanery policy, or what can be negotiated....
  9. Having sat on an IDT Appeals panel a couple of weeks ago, it is clear that there is no mechanism for 'Swaps', although applications for transfer in line with the Gold Guide are viewed on relative merits.
  10. I have found a definitive statement about the issue 6 month 'period of grace' post CCT incorporated in the national Terms & Conditions of Service. Not expecting you to wade through it, the relevant paragraph is no. 10, (page 7) , relating to both Specialist (Sp) and Specialty (St) Registrars. This includes the statement, 'The final placement will end 6 months after the completion of training, or 6 months after notification of completion of training, whichever is the later' http://www.nhsemployers.org/PayAndContracts/JuniorDoctorsDentistsGPReg/Pages/DoctorsInTraining-JuniorDoctorsTermsAndConditions150908.aspx
  11. I'm aware that SpRs, working to the Orange Guide, had/have a six-month 'period of grace' post the award of CCT/CCST, where they could continue in an SpR post whilst looking for work. I'm unable to find any reference to either the 'period of grace' or what happens to ST6's when they get their CCT in the Gold Guide. Has anyone got any information relating to this from their deanery?
  12. I tend to charge nearly double that hourly rate. After the request for a report is received, I reply with an estimate of how long the report is likely to take to prepare, my other terms regarding payment and responsibility of the solicitor to arrange their client's attendance for interview, and hourly rate for further duties eg attendance at court etc, including travelling time.
  13. And don't sell yourself short!
  14. There's a really good 2 page layout in Companion to Psychiatric Studies in terms of having a structure. It's also helpful to get any specific questions the report should address to be specified in writing by the solicitor. As far as charging, there is no set fee - tell them what you charge per hour, an estimate of the total length of time it will take, and see if they'll accept it. And don't forget to ask whether you are being asked for a report as a professional or expert witness. If this is the first court report you've done it's worth getting it looked over by someone who's done a few before you send it off.
  15. 'What is this 1/2 day you are talking about? I understand Academic programme and Special Interest day are not taken from your study leave entitlment ' That 1/2 day per week would be you taking your study leave as 'Private study' ie. Sitting in the back garden at home with a pint as the start of the weekend. With a copy of BJPsych or APT around for your perusal of course. National terms and conditions of service for specialty registrars state that the study leave allowance is 30 days per year. It appears, balmu, that your contract deviates from this. Contact the BMA if you are a member.