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  1. Hi, could someone please tell me Which one is a good hotel to stay near town hall, hornton street, London.
  2. Thank you SamMak and hksingh i will follow your advice.
  3. Any one got results through email? I got my email, I didn’t pass. I was expecting this, I didn’t do well on EMI part. Answered with out reading the questions due to lack of time. Still feeling kind depressed. Will give my self a couple of days and start preparing for march. Those who passed I really appreciate if u all could give me advice on exam preparation please.
  4. Thank you all guys for the kind words, iam kind of coming to terms with what happened and leave it alone till results. If i have to resit in April so be it, iam feeling tired. I will take rest now. And I wish u all guys all the very best and good luck with results.
  5. GNJ, no, time was not sufficient for me, i lost track of time and left with 30 EMIS and 16 minutes. I didn’t even read those EMI questions properly due to lack of time.those last 30 EMI were disaster. But i did well on 102 mcqs. I don’t even know if I will pass anymore. Feeling depressed. All that time, effort, money i put on this exam gone in the drain. Feeling very sad and depressed. I will keep my fingers crossed till nov 9th, if i pass i will be most happy, if not I will gather myself and start preparing for April. May be if I would have managed time little carefully, things would have been different. Now its over. Nothing can be done.
  6. Was the time sufficient? Were you able to finish all the questions on time?
  7. Got my results today. Passed paper A with 60.7% marks. Pass marks set by the college was 58.6% . Iam thankful for the information and guidance i got from this forum!
  8. Ok, wish you all the best for exam.
  9. Pass mark i think above 60, iam not very sure, mocks when i did first time i got between 64 and 78 in A1 and between 50 and 64 in A2. How much you are scoring on mocks?
  10. Hi, iam appearing for exam this june, did you score 80s in spmm mocks first time itself? Iam doing mocks as well my scores are close to 70, this is the first time Iam doing them.