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  1. Many thanks for your advice.
  2. Friends, I think the allocations within Eastern Deanery will be out soon. I have started this thread for people successful in this Deanery for Old Age ST4. There is a good possibility that we may not be allocated to what we wished for ( area ) and I have gathered that the Deanery will facilitate requests for swaps ( intra-deanery only ). If you have accepted ST4 Old Age, put down your preferences here and request others for swaps. My Choice is Bedford ( have lived here last 4 years, own a property here)
  3. CMO and vattan_psych : thanks for the info, it does clarify things The post was to obtain information and I do hope that this will help us plan for Round Two. Just heard that WM interview panel are thinking about protesting in some form against MTAS
  4. So, is the advice for people attending any interview, to unhesitantly grab anything that the server guru serves them?
  5. Hello friends, Can people share their ideas about what would happen if in Round One, a candidate shortlisted and interviewed at two or more deaneries, was offered posts at all deaneries and subsequently decides to opt for one. Will the other posts: 1) automatically go to Round Two 2) go to FTST 3) be offerred to other candidates from Round One (and if thats the case, what would happen if the person its offerred to also declines it, how many times will it be recyled prior to Round Two) Although unlikely, what will happen if posts are still vacant after Round Two? Will trusts be able to locally employ their choice of candidates? ..Some thoughts and doubts, please share your ideas
  6. I have not yet heard from London/KSS for my ST4 Old Age Application. I am not sure if shortlisting has been completed. Has anyone heard about this? :-X....Panick mode... :-X
  7. London /KSS havent completed the shortlisting process yet as per the info on the MTAS website.