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  1. Unfortunately there is no difference between passing 11 and 12 stations..I will accept a teacher with CCST and experience of teaching at local and deanery level..but there is a whole lot of industry out there..most courses say that they have college examiners but only God knows what's the reality..
  2. As the exam pattern will be changed from Jan 2018,How would you embrace those changes?? Secondly why it is important to charge one's own colleagues when they are facing a difficult time.
  3. Hong Kong is a strange place..People don't understand English...they appear at times rude although it may be normal body and verbal gestures in cultural places for Asian food.. just surviving on snacks....I regret my decision to appear in Hong Kong...
  4. Can not agree what Khoker has said...Try to doalternate exams..Like DCP(Ireland) and MSC psychiatry(Cardiff University) Distant learning or Australian exams... we are still junior doctors whilst our colleagues in other specialities have become consultants and enjoying thier life. Sorry I mean I agree what my colleague said earlier
  5. thanks for contacting..check your inbox..we can make a group
  6. is anybody preparing for hong kong Casc...want to join for group discussion.. message inbox.. Thanks