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  1. Deepest condolences! Shocked and saddened to hear this. It has been a while since logged into this forum.
  2. The longest thread!
  3. No more meets!
  4. Nearly 4 years! Wonder if any of the old timers are still around.
  5. Been a very long time since visited this site. Nice to see its still alive. Good job Gurpal.
  6. CESR is very difficult process. As I see it being a specialty doctor myself. If you have MRCPsych its best to apply for CCT route. Much more straightforward.
  7. Some of us here may already have had their revalidation. Some others yet to have. Could we feedback as to what is essential towards getting revalidated. I know annual appraisal, 360 degree and audits are part of revalidation. Any other requirements?
  8. It is just a synonym. I dont think we need to waste energy on things like this lol http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/speciality?show=0&t=1377978857 depends on if it is a registrar or trainee or the doctor
  9. Good idea DKS, Hope there are replies soon.
  10. Was your application for funding prospective or retrospective application? Why didn't to apply for the funding through the SAS budget rather than Trust fund? Have you spoken to your SAS tutor?
  11. My previous consultant retired. Now I have a new generation one. To be honest he does more than the previous and much more efficiently. He is not undermined by anyone and is accepted by everyone. He appears calm beneath; don't know if he keeps a face to appear calm but all I know he is good! The first month though was watchful to see how he managed and as soon as people noticed he was better than the previous everyone was happy but I have to say the new consultants are made to work really hard!!
  12. MRCPsych Part 2: Clinical exam: Long Case Presentations by Prathap Mohana Murthy for long cases was very useful when I prepared. Do present a few long cases with your Consultants especially those who did the old form of MRCPsych. The knowledge required is not that of psychiatrist but more at a GP level. Get past papers - the essay Q bit and go through those topics. MCQ's are straightforward - Oxford handbook is more than sufficient. Patricia Casey is good too. Don't have to worry of rare things! This was what I used but that was 6 years ago. Very straightforward exam.
  13. No more visas, means freedom of travel, less cost for stupid visa stamps Thanks Cage, other than the comfort of travel once which is not an everyday thing, I wonder if there was any advantage.
  14. What advantage has a british passport over an ILR visa?
  15. Senior House Officer 27,936 29,763 31,589 33,416 35,243 37,070 38,896 I would think £40000, but negotiate at £55000