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  1. Hi Balmu and Kreely... thanks for the reply... This is the MDS UK website.... it is run by BAPIO... Just that it is a bit less expensive.. http://www.mdsuk.org/
  2. Been a BMA member for past 8 years now. Absolutely no use, but also have had to recycle the useless BMJs... MDU has been useful on occasions... My question Is it worth taking out the MDS (Bapio) and ditching both of the above???
  3. Once Alonso took the lead, there was no stopping him... A big thanks to Vettel's pit stop error... (if not, he would have been on top) For me, the drive of the day (and I say it with a heavy heart) was Hamilton... He is one of the most aggressive drivers I have to say, i spite of the total rubbish of a machine they have... But as usual, his immaturity took the toll. could not conserve fuel and had to let go... Good to see some change in stats... Very unlikely Ferrari will bounce back, in spite of all the rule changes (strings pulled by the Italians I am sure)...
  4. As long as you dont give money to Indian agencies... or directly respond to mails coming from East Africa, you should be safe... I think
  5. http://www.savethechildren.org.uk/en/east-africa-appeal.htm Please donate for the Children of East Africa.... As a father of 2 children, I cannot even imagine a situation where a person has to choose between his/her children - who should live and who should die.... Please donate - how much ever you can I know this has nothing to do with RED HOT...
  6. ECG

    Please consider drug interaction in this case... Loratadine, Quetiapine, both of them prolong QT///
  7. Stephen Stahl Essential psychopharmacology is a book to read if you want to understand concepts.
  8. Now I realise why the burglars drove off with my Honda accord last year How long have you had that.. I remember it from Airedale days...
  9. that looks more like it Euthymic... Dickhead JC will obviously put European cars in his list... he is so damn predictable... mainly because he has horse dung for brain...
  10. top 6 cars are japanese.... of which 4 are toyota, in spite of all the negative propoganda, including brakes not working, etc etc... thats interesting... what happened to Volksvagen etc...
  11. I thought Monaco was going to be extremely predictable... and it was not... I genuinely thought that if they just carried on without the incident in the end, on the same tyres, the results may have been different... they were all saved by the last crash... This was one of the better races,,, and surprisingly, there were some excellent racing, including some fantastic manoeuvers... keeping all the safety bit aside.... I love the claustrophobic track....
  12. "God, pl. save me from your followers; You wanted spiritual fruit and all you got was religious nuts"
  13. http://www.rcpsych.ac.uk/pdf/Paper%203%20Critical%20Review%20Syllabus%20(May%202011).pdf
  14. One of the best races the last two seasons I must say... Hamilton did full justice to the machine he had... Somehow I get a feeling that he is a very good driver if he gets the right machine.. and for the first time, I thought the KERS was worth it... And Webber... from 18 to 3.... and what a fantastic drive across Rosberg and Button... clearly all the experience showed off..