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  1. Most of us feel like this when we come out of exam. We tend to think about the things which we didn't do well. There may me lots of things you would have done well. The examiner might have not noticed certain things which you are worried about. Don't loose hope, you can still pass this time. You have done your bit for the exam, wait for the results. Again exam is not the only road to your destiny.life never closes door or roads on anyone.
  2. HI THERE Can anyone shed light on the stations today as one of our trainees is appearing for the exam tomorrow in Sheffield.Many thanks.
  3. All newly built RSU/MSU are OPEN OFFICE TYPE with no separate rooms for consultants,trainees,managers.You get a feel of working in a call centre
  4. http://www.onexamination.com/Exam-Revision/MRCPsych-Paper-1-and-2.aspx?p=3 Guys this link was emailed to me from BMJ group.Check it out if interested.
  5. I understand wessex has a ST4 in Forensic
  6. Which deanery are you going to attend the interview?
  7. Dear Hush I have pm ed you the course as the course has very limited spaces.
  8. you alright?
  9. I would suggest speak with your Consultant who helped you in the report and ask him/her to guide you. Speak with the MDU/MPS- they will have an advisor who will tell you exactly what to do. Speak to a Forensic Consultant [Who is well experienced in attending Court cases] Also try and speak to trust solicitor. I know it is a difficult position to be in, but speaking MDU/MPS and a Forensic Consultant will help.
  10. http://www.rcpsych.ac.uk/training/ct1jobs.aspx Check this out folks
  11. baba,baba AP baba
  12. it depends on the area.In clifton bristol 999 years is the lease duration.But other ares it is 125 years.Dont buy any flat which has less than 115 years on it.If you want to sell- say in 10 years time it will still have 105 yrs left on it.If it is less than 100 years it is difficult to sell them.Hope this helps.
  13. it seems they are going to review the payments.i would suggest call the number on their last letter and ask why they want the documents and what they intent to do-you have the right to know.the more you delay or ignore them they may think there is something dodgy-you have done the right thing based on the advice given to you 2 years ago.Please dont send the originals get certified copies as they have mentioned in local office.
  14. hi natarajah It took 8 weeks for me to get the visa stamped in the new tier 1 PBS.The BIA sent the acknowledgement of receipt of application letter with a reference number very quicly though.I would suggest contacting the BIA and confirm that they have received it.
  15. Hi cmc please dont panic .Instead of trying against the chennai brick wall for a visa for child care you can concentrate on finding qualified child minders in UK who are properly trained,CRB checked and with my experience in uk with Child care for the past 4 years I have no bad experiences.