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  1. Hi did you guys manage to form the said group. I would like to join as well if it’s active. Khalid
  2. Hi I am SAS Doctor as well and would like to join CPD group. Khalid
  3. Can anyone help how to prepare for ST 4 interview.
  4. I don’t think it’s a problem. I personally applied for training when I had worked for 3 years and was selected.
  5. Hi i replied to you in other thread as well. Will like to start Face to face / Skype practice. Khalid
  6. Hi i am in Birmingham. Would u be interested in Skype/ Face to face practice. Khalid
  7. Hi can i join the group? khalid
  8. Hi Guys Have you started the study. Can i join if its not top late. khalid
  9. Yes. I think it was Projective identification
  10. Hi -Substance misuse also asked Hemorrhagic Cystitis. -Prevalence of Schizophrenia in young people. -most common delusion in stalkers.
  11. Hi i would be interested in joining for paper B study. Khalid
  12. 70.3
  13. I failed as well by one percent and really disaappinted as pass percentage was too high which is not fair. Their has to be a limit beyond which percentage should not go regardless of how fellow candidates perform. Anyways congratulations to those who passed.
  14. Many thanks Abeerkamal
  15. Hi Can anyone help,i am starting to prepare for September exam. Is 3 day oxford or SPMM course is enough? Do i need to buy SPMM theory smart revise course to start with and then go for 3 day course? please guide.