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  1. Can anyone help. How many preferences should I put in my options. And out of no preferences will they allocate anyone or in a particular order from top to bottom. Also if I am offered a post which I don’t like can I decline it. Will I get more offers then.
  2. Hi I am Speciality Doctor. I have just passed CASC and planning to apply for ST4. I did not have core training ,so do not have any WPBA. Can someone please guide how many WPBA I need to show to qualify and which ones I.e. ACE,Mini ACE etc. Many thanks
  3. Hi did you guys manage to form the said group. I would like to join as well if it’s active. Khalid
  4. Hi I am SAS Doctor as well and would like to join CPD group. Khalid
  5. Can anyone help how to prepare for ST 4 interview.
  6. I don’t think it’s a problem. I personally applied for training when I had worked for 3 years and was selected.
  7. Hi i replied to you in other thread as well. Will like to start Face to face / Skype practice. Khalid
  8. Hi i am in Birmingham. Would u be interested in Skype/ Face to face practice. Khalid
  9. Hi can i join the group? khalid
  10. Hi Guys Have you started the study. Can i join if its not top late. khalid
  11. Yes. I think it was Projective identification
  12. Hi -Substance misuse also asked Hemorrhagic Cystitis. -Prevalence of Schizophrenia in young people. -most common delusion in stalkers.
  13. Hi i would be interested in joining for paper B study. Khalid
  14. 70.3
  15. I failed as well by one percent and really disaappinted as pass percentage was too high which is not fair. Their has to be a limit beyond which percentage should not go regardless of how fellow candidates perform. Anyways congratulations to those who passed.