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  1. I finally got my pictures
  2. thanks for the update!
  3. the kings fund course is supposed to be the gold standard, expensive but apparently excellent!
  4. Same here! I've emailed him too and no response at all
  5. I don't think so
  6. The New Members Reception was on 22nd May, where all the people that have just become MRCPsych officially became members
  7. Has anyone received their photo's from the new members reception. I sent off my order from and cheque on 9th June and have received nothing so far! I emailed the photographer last week and he's not responded! Anyone else got the same problem? Please HELP :-?
  8. Thanks Ros, i was also thinking of forensic - what do others think?
  9. Thanks for the good advice J
  10. I've very fortunately got an ST4 in General Adult Psychiatry in London. PLEASE can anyone advise on special interest for the 1 session/ week we're allowed?????????
  11. ST4 starts on 6th August for those on the Barts & Royal London rotation - just got confirmation
  12. What rotation are you on in London?
  13. Come on guys, one of you must have gone to the interview today - i have always tried to help others . PLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEASE HELP :'(
  14. Anyone attend the interview today in London for ST4 General Adult??? P LEASE HELP - any info you can share with us, and how the 5 min presentation went? THANKS
  15. I don't think they're were any particular scenarios as such - can't be sure though