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  1. Just a note to wish all the best to everyone waiting nervously for results for the CASC exam. Well done if you pass. If you haven't, don't lose heart. It is one of the most subjective exams and I know many excellent psychiatrists who have failed. Hope all goes well!!!!
  2. agree completely malingering is hugely on the increase. sometimes they come in saying that their friends (also on benefits)told them they had mood disorder so they bugged the gp enough to get a OPA. i think speaking to gp can help, also asking patients to keep a mood diary- really should weed out the people who are sincerely concerned about their moods etc from that increasingly large number of lazy spongers. Born and brought up in UK- great NHS ideals, great welfare state but scum who abuse it so blatantly are one of the huge reasons for this country's downfall. Also, 'voices'--checking carefully for pseudohallucinations can usually root out some cheaters. Also a genuine patient should be devastated or at least concerned with such a diagnosis, so anyone 'seeking it' or demanding it, should be held with a degree of suspicion. I do also see the flip side, where our over-cynicism may lead to missing genuinely needy, so we must be careful. But seriously-----these SCUM ripping off the whole country while they sit in lovely house, never worked, full SKY tv package, latest mobile phone,IPod etc etc etc ..... Rant over Better take a Lorazepam quickly.....
  3. Hi, Does anyone know the on call banding for Barts London Rotation- around Mile End Whitechapel. Or even is there opportunity to be on the on call rota? hope st4's don't do first on calls/ thanks
  4. Has anyone heard re: placements for ST4 Gen Adult London Deanery? I have heard that the posts are due to commence 5th Jan 09. I thought that placements/allocations would be done by now...
  5. Anyone know the banding for ST4 in East London, (Barts London Rotation)? How is the workload there? Any replies greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
  6. anyone know what the requirements are for ST4 WBPA? Is there a minimum we have to do? i saw one a month somewhere but couldn't find it on rcpsych website.. thanks for any help
  7. anyone know, were the st4 in london run through leading to cct or just lat posts?
  8. Hi, wondered if anyone could help... Just got ST4 which is about 30 miles from where I was based for ST3. Am I entitled to travel expenses for the difference? In actual fact, I am travelling 5hrs a day spending 500 pds a month, but even this small amount expense recllaimed would help. Thanks to MTAS again for my lovely situation... Any advice appreciated.
  9. Just wanted to add another (tongue in cheek) poll. No offence meant to anyone but these correlations are becoming abit too far stretched. i doubt they give more than the merest indications to any link, but if they help vent frustrations, then good luck. Again, commiserations to those who didnt get thru. Luck plays a bug part, and all the best for next attempts.
  10. Made it!!!! Congrats to all who passed, and enjoy now your drugs/alcohol/poison of choice. I'm off out straight away. All those who didn't make it- condolences, i'm sure u'll make it next time. Also, let us remember those who got shafted by the system in so many ways- MTAS, relocations, exams, etc... WE WILL OVERCOME. Illegitimi non carborundum. Off to the pub, then for a meal (if i make it....) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
  11. well done wanderlust...carlo and everyone else. all the best, and enjoy the celebrations after all the shit that the last year has thrown. take care enjoy your pinot grigio wanderlust....
  12. Made it!!!! Thnx for everyone's support....hope u all made it too.
  13. Best luck... Long wait... Day off today so gonna go out and have looonnng pub lunch and be in a semi intoxicated state to deal with either outcome...not too hopeful though. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!! Remember these bloody exams are not the be all and end all, there's even some sunshine out there!! (Personally, I'm off to Vegas/California at the end of the month so can't be that bad...)
  14. Doc, I am sure I edcho everyone on this forum's condolences about your miscarriage, and the stress and difficulties you faced. Just remember that thru all of this, u did amazingly well even to sit the exam and hope all the best for you. I am in similar position worried about progression, we were told that we couldnt progress to st4 without MRCPsych. When I pointed out that this would give me only one shot at it due to the time frame permitted to sit exams, they didnt care... Never forget there are other important things in life too- friends/family/, just life itself should not let these exams drag us down too much. Good luck to all, especially you Doc
  15. i thoiught 3.7 was the or for previous history of falls and marked that as the answer. so many bad memories tho' so cant be sure of outcome. good luck to all