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  1. waddai logaan di waddi gaalaan
  2. thanks PA will defo have a look at home (godamned Trust not allowing me to access such "informative" websites )
  3. and here it is..... and not to be outdone, here's the PS3 version that i just found,
  4. i wish someone would start making retail portable versions of a ps3/xbox 360 also. I saw an xbox 360 one once, ill see if i can find the pics somewhere.
  5. Trickcyclist ?!?! Now that brings back memories They were good once upon a time, and im talking a good few years ago, not sure if they are still.
  6. check this out PA in the meantime (my sketch is in there somewhere also)
  7. Iron man 3 wasn't bad, but not that brilliant either . (yupp finally saw one in the cinema after ages). Two Mel Gibson movies(not new but newish) that i watched on Netflix, back to back over the weekend, - Beaver (3/5) - different story, brilliant acting and all in all a good watch and - How i spent my summer vacation (3.5/5) - typicl Mel Gibson (think of it as Ransom but made in Mexico) enjoyed it
  8. it seriously is beyond kool...definately on my wish list
  9. wow looks awesome
  10. ive made a few more since then. Do you have whatssapp on urs PA? pm your number and i'll send you some p.s might get paid for some of mine (in the pipelines) 50k (rupees) isnt a bad start for a first drawing, now is it ?? hehe
  11. The Bamboo pen etc use Wacom's technology which is what the Note (1,2, and 10.1 have) hence the reason why i bought the Note/s. One of these days i might add some of my sketches here, just to show you how detailed they are using this technology.
  12. now this is seriously cool, i soooooooooooooooooo want to get this
  13. full review. My impression, same as PA. Better than an s3 but really not that different. Now, Note 3 !! thats gonna be a different story - what say you PA?? hehe
  14. so guys, (asuming im in)...what do i need to start off?
  15. if you are dying for an earthquake to hit Uk than sure...why not