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  1. is anyone around London?
  2. Hi all A couple of us have formed a little CASC practice group in preparation for the September 2020 exam. We meet weekly (usually after work) at the The British Library near Kings Cross station in central London. It's pretty relaxed and we just spend an hour or two going through stations. It's been really useful so far. If anyone would like to join, please message me. BW Jamie
  3. Hi there I'm looking for people to practise CASC stations with a "buddy" or "buddies". I plan to sit CASC next year, having already completed Papers A + B. Because I have no directly upcoming exam, I'm really flexible on what we revise and the role I play in each session / scenario. I'm working at a hospital in London but can drive to a mutually accessible venue. I can also do Skype. Please reply to this or PM me if this would work for anyone? Jamie