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  1. When originally this MMC scam was designed the plan was to abolish the royal colleges examinations and emphasis was to be on the training - and moreover it was decided at that time that even if examinations were to be made part of it - the result would be more than 80% because otherwise there would be huge bottle neck after ST3. However with time Royal Colleges reasserted themselves, PMETB got in the background and now we are practically back to the same place like before - rather even worse. Moving ST3 to ST$ without exams and then blocking them further was not the orignal concept of training. Actually they tried to copy US model but made a very bad copy of it because in US board examinations are held at the end of training period of the program so that there is no bottle neck and plus even if you dont pass examinations you are still Board eligible and can work as an Attending - equivalent to Consultant here in UK. But some genious in MMC thought to put these exams right in the middle of the training without guaranteeing passing percentage of at least 80%. The result is a huge bottle neck and it would become worse as the time would go by. Good luck ot MMC - no doubt it has lived upto its motto Modernising Medical Careers leading it back to Dark Ages
  2. Patient's care has gone down the drain - most of the time doctor spends is filling out the forms. On top of that now GMC also wants the revalidation and 360 appraisal. I believe doctors are themselves to be blamed that they let other health area sectors members to dominate them and they now they are relegated to a position where they have to keep everyone happy. I guess more Christmas presents and also to develop tolerance to accept abuse lest you annoy anyone of these people who are going to fill in your 360 Assessment Forms.
  3. This 360 degree appraisal is not to improve efficiency amoung doctors but to subjugate them to the other members of the team so that they are constantly under pressure to sing to the tune of the other members of the team. Consultant's report is fine but why subject the doctor to run after social workers, psychologists, nurses, occupational therapists and even secretaries - and what if they dont fill it properly because after all doctors never do their 360 degree appraisal - so anyone can ruin one's career by irresponsible reporting. No doubt doctors morale in UK is hitting so low.
  4. I have completed my Child Psychiatry SPR and have got CCT and I wrote to Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in Canada regarding my eliblility to sit in FRCPsych Examinations and I got the shock of my life when they told me that only six months of my Child Psychiatry SPR would be counted towards the recognition of training and that they do not guarantee whether my junior training - pre MRCPsych would be useful or not. Can anyone please shed a light on that that please.
  5. Look they are determined to keep you out guys - one is right that British passport or EU passport does not guarantee but one thing i want to tell you is that there is still some chance with British passport or EU passport but without that there the chances are nearly zero. So one can give oneself some consolation but one should be more pragmatic also
  6. I have been reading posting on these sites. I have no doubt that GMC is the main culprit which used the IMGs and lured them to come to UK and make money and built a state of the art glass tower on Euston Street in London as their headquarters. The misled people by opening up PLAB examinatiion centeres in India, Pakistan and other countries and then conducted these exams on nearly daily basis and made it so easy that anyone could pass it. They just wanted to make their own money. When they got them here they left these doctors on their own. I think the first step should be that GMC should be banned from India and Pakisatn and other countries and not them exploit the innocent doctors there giving them a wrong picture. British Council in these countries should be prohibited by the governemnts there to stop these goons from exploiting innoncent doctors. I want to be very clear on one aspect. I am not against that local candidates should be sacrificed at the expense of IMGs. No one is saying that. But before 1999 the people who were passed in Plab were based on demand and supply situation so there was never excess of doctors and so anyone passing Plab was assured a job. But then doors were opened and doctors were lured to UK. I would be very clear to all the doctors who are expecting something good is going to happen. Listen nothing good is going to happen at all. Its going to get worse and wrose and NHS is also going down the drain. I would advise everyone to get out before they sink. The better prospects are in USA ; even now sit in USMLE and get to USA. Lets be very clear. We used to be told that British guys are very honest and they never lie. Well if their PM lied and got in Iraq and killed more than 600000 Iraqis on basis of nothing but lies and absolute lies you can well imagine the rest of them. Let us all shed this inferiority complex and go a place where at least you have a future. Do you think that doing Staff grade or Fixed Training Appointment post would do any good. That would again serve them and not you. I wouldnt have written such a strong message but when I read such messages where some people were so arragant and discompassionate esp comments about suicide I wonder how these guys ever became psychiatrists in the first place. Now I realise that by just passing exams and doing some audit and some research and writing a publication doesnt make one a good psychatrist. For that one has to be COMPASSIONATE and SHOULD SHOW EMPATHY and understand the feelings and emotions of others. I being an under training SPR would myself leave the day I finish the training here in UK and I dont want to waste my time in a system which is so unfiar and biased.
  7. MBA

    Hi Nick This is an era of competition esp when you are competing for consultant jobs later in your career. You know what - these guys who are non doctors - these guys do such courses and then sit in management positions as managers and go on dictating consultants ; so i feel we need to address this also - so an MBA would indeed go a long way to strengthen your CV and your competitiveness in future. I am sure it wont be a waste regards childpsych
  8. MBA

    I feel that as you get a lot of management training in SPR generic courses so a general MBA would be a better one as it would give you a firm grounding on which the foundation of management is laid. What I would suggest would be that you go on this site and glean through the various subjects - the elective ones and see what suits you best. Or initially dont buy any elective courses and just concentrate on core courses - buy them one by one and see what they have for you to offer If there is anything else you need as regards information please do not hesitate regards Childpsych I am doing SPR in Child Psychiatry in Wales Higher Training Scheme Best of luck
  9. I would like to get some ideas on Audit in Child Psychiatry. Here are some topics which I am considering ADHD medication and nice guidelines Treatment of depression and nice guidelines Do we refer children diagosed with depression for CBT or family therapy or individual psychotherapy Traige referral system in child and adolescent psychiatry Does anyone else has any ideas Childpsych
  10. I dont think so you would get an essay on setting up a specialist service. Its a difficult topic and even SPRs in their first year dont know much about it ; so I dont think so this can be a part of essay. But yes a general outline would be fine to keep in mind in case you need to do this essay should it come up as part of Plan Z
  11. MBA

    I am doing MBA from Edinburgh Business School which is part of Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh. It is a totally distance learning MBA and no GMAT required. You can do one course at at time or all courses in your own time. The best thing I liked about is that there is no time constraint. Once you buy a course they send you the text and also give you access on line to teh course, the past papers with the annswers and practice examination. When you are prepared in your own time you apply for the examination - held twice a year - in nearly every country and most cities of UK and you sit in a three hour examination which is in combination of MCQ and Essay combined. If you pass you are issued a certificate for that subject. When you pass three coruses you get a Certificate in MBA and when you pass six subjects you get Diploma in BA and on passing 9 subjects you get full MBA. There are no assignments, no tutorials no missing dates. Its very flexible. I am really very happy with thsi MBA. Each course costs 800 pounds. So you can do one course and then move to next one. There are 7 compulsory subjects whcih are Finance Marketing Accounting Organizatinal Behaviour Economics Project Management Strategic Planning and you can then choose two elective subjects and that would make it 9 subjects. If specializaiton is needed another two subjects can be needed. But I must tell you that there is no specilization in health subjects. This is a more of general MBA. But its value for money because any other MBA at least that is what I felt would have put a lot of restrain and contraints on time. If you need any more information do let me know. Wish you best of luck Childpsych
  12. I would suggest all those who havent passed MRCPsych Part 2 as yet to just do USMLE AND GO TO AMERICA. There is nothing in UK and with this MMC and ST4 things is nothing but more disappointment and depression. I had once got residency there but I regret why I didnt take it and I held back because I had passed Part 1 MRCPsych. I wish I hadnt passed my Part 1 and would have gone to USA. The most improtant thing in USA is that you can develop your career the way you want to and hardwork is paid. I am doing SPR at the moment but what will I do after completing SPR. Become a consultant and be told by manager to do this thing and that thing. I didnt get any support in research etc but there is so mucn monitoring that one feels as if one is not a doctor but some sort of factory worker. So I would sincerely suggest to all teh doctors who can do USMLE and want to go to USA to do so. Things are going to improve more after 2008 when hopefully the present regime would go and things would be more relaxed and easier. Opportinities for good career development are abundand there and dont worry about the pay. Once you have done it you can go to Canada even and now Middle East and Austraiial and NZ all consider american board higher than UK MRCPsych. childpsych
  13. I am at present doing SPR in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in Cardiff Wales. My understanding is that those who have done MRCPsych and then enter ST programme would be most probably adjusted at ST 4 unless their SHO years were less than three. They would stil have to do three years of ST training. The plan is to conduct Part 1 of MRCPsych after ST 1, Part 2 at ST 3 and Part 3 at ST 6 also called exit examination. However format of these assessments are not yet clear but its clear that Royal College of Psychiatrists would be involved in these assessments. A new concept of revalidation is being introducted and Royal College of Psychiatrists would be involved in that also. How that would be done is also not yet clear. If any of my colleage wants to make anything further please do so childpsych
  14. I am also interested in USMLE MATERIALS. Please do contact me also. Regard Child psych
  15. I am currently doing SPR in Child Psychiatry in South Wales Higher Training Scheme. You would be asked to make a presentation on a given topic and yes you would be asked one or two clinical questions, questions on research, audit, clinical governance and your CV and experience and how would this SPR help u. other criteria u already know so there is no point in telling u about it. Regards Child Psych - Dr Hussain SPR Child Psychiatry South Wales scheme currently based in Swansea until September 2006.