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  1. They sound pretty f**king terrifying. Well done to all of you who have done it..... Roll on Thursday.
  2. I'm not so sure about number 5. The question was what is the most evidence based conclusion from the study - since they did no research into the effect of a comprehensive falls assessment I don't see that you can say it is evidence based. The only evidence based conclusion they had was - don't give laxatives to the elderly.... Anyone else agree... Please!!!
  3. Hi Sagir - have got full motorbike licence (and a crappy 125 that I'm really quite embarrassed about so lets keep quiet about it eh?) Not getting a big bike because of up coming responsibilities and all that.... :-X
  4. Very nice Sagir. Maybe I'll get rid of the bicycle and get myself a proper bike.... Hope you're well!
  5. I think that is the only reason (I don't think psychotherapy experience is strictly necessary but I might be wrong) I know that we don't need to do Workplace based assessments to sit the exam but does anyone know if we need to do them to progress to ST4 etc.
  6. Still no word. This is getting ridiculous! What if we have to move house????
  7. What is everyone worried about? Surely 5 weeks is ample to move house!?!?!?! :-X
  8. Although the above is the official position, people on other forums think that there is more flexibility. Apparently the GMC guidance is that if you accept a job offer you have to take that job UNLESS you give adequate time for the employer to fill the post. In the past this has been one month. Also, given the complete shambles of MTAS/MMC the chances of you being referred to the GMC for pulling out of an offer must be close to zero. I suppose the worst thing (and a complete disaster!) would be if your second choice deanery informed the first choice and they revoked your offer. There's nothing to suggest this would happen. However, this is all heresay. You might want to check the GMC guidance first. I hope this helps.
  9. Well done rsk. I've got London so have now rejected Sheffield. Good luck all!
  10. Yes yes yes!!!!! ST3 London. They are not telling us which rotation until they know who has accepted - so we're not exactly accepting a job. More the honour of training anywhere in the south east of England!!! Anyway, I not complaining. Don't worry if you haven't heard. There's going to be loads of recycling etc.
  11. Quick and useful? My arse
  12. You're right Ros!. Sue has been most helpful but I wasn't sure if she would appreciate hundreds of emails. Sorry for the cover-up. I regretted saying I had been given my ranking because I knew immediately everyone would want to know how I got it. I can't believe MMC has led me to mis-leading my colleagues! Anyway, yes. Sue is the person who gave me my ranking. She has been very supportive and helpful throughout. She is very busy and is on our side so be nice to her! Sue.Wilkinson@SCT.NHS.UK Best of luck! Simon
  13. This is the email address and details of the trust liaison officer - probably the best person to contact (the offer came through her): Debbie Harrison Deanery/Trust Liaison Officer South Yorkshire & South Humber Deanery Tel: 0114 2264493
  14. Yes, I emailed the postgraduate centre at Sheffield Care Trust (is that the same as the deanery - I get confused?) They emailed me back to say I was second on the reserve list.
  15. In their defence, I got a very swift response from the deanery about where I was on the reserve list - I think it arrived the day after I asked. 10mins after the offer! good luck everyone! S