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  1. 1. Assessment of lady with postpartum depressive symptoms and discuss mx with her husband 2. 15 yr old od, a chit of rape in her hand. Assessment. Discuss with staff nurse about management 3 . Hypochondiasis assessment and discuss diagnosis management in the next station 4. Elderly pt with dementia, change in behaviour assessment and discuss management 4th station needs some more clarification as these stations I noted from a friend who gave his exam this morning. Hope it's useful All the best
  2. hey Auday!! dont run out of ur generosity...can appreciate ur feelings and plan for the evening..but mate pls post individual stations main some point today...god bless u and all the best for ur result...
  3. thanks mate..guys..please post ur stations
  5. They asked about the effect of Modafinil. The options were 1. Release of Dopamine 2. Release of Serotonin 3. Block the release of Dopamine 4. 24 hrs effect
  6. I could remember some of the themes -What is containement by Bion? -difference between dissociative seizures and True seizures? -Feature of PSP -Reporting of Systematic reviews provided by? -Types of preventions emi?
  7. congrats to all those who passed..those who couldn't make it, dont lose on...better luck next time..
  8. ????????????????????????????????/ results are already there on the website....
  9. those who attended CASC today, please share stations that you had..
  10. what time is the result tomorrow?
  11. Commonest cause of heritable learning disablity? a) Down's syndrome Fragile X syndrome c)?? d)?? e)??
  12. An SHO in Psychiatry working in an Eating Disorder clinic finds that many of her patients have experienced a traumatic event between the ages of 5-9, prior to developing the eating disorder. She would like to devise a study to test this hypothesis. The study design best suited to answer this research question is. a. Case control study b. Qualitative study c. Randomised control study d. Cross sectional survey e. Cohort Study
  13. Not sure between 50% and 80%. Some places ( course notes) its 50 and others quote 80 %. What do people think about this?
  14. Ans is 75 % ( As per CATIE study)