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  1. Does anyone know how PMP's are marked?
  2. mmm I know this but i rem that the ppV was similar for 2 of the screens they mentioned anyway not to worry I did ok in crit app in the end. not sure how though..
  3. when did u receive it?
  4. anybody get feedback from Autumn 2006 clinicals yet?
  5. great cant wait ....
  6. you are not supposed to be examined twice by the same examiner. college screw up again. >
  7. who cares about the naming and shaming examiners./ its comments like these that have left us like helpless idiots for years being walked overby the the college because people cant stand up for themselves, well done for naming and shaming a substandard examiner who shouldnt be there .
  8. Nov advances the dean admits the present exam esp clinical is unfair. ironic they still run it. money talks.
  9. are we going thru the OSCE again to get a place on ST3? in Aug? as part of the assessment? along with a cv? the more i do psych the more i wish i did Law at uni, maybe ill win the lottery and i can buy the college live in it and sack the lot of them :
  10. you should have complained to the exam organiser straight after the long case. and you should make a complaint to the chief examiner now b4 the results come out and to the PMEBT u have nothing to lose. This irregular non standardised way of examining is the pits. its the same for the pmps. some are deffo easier than others. how can they be standardised. the exam is a sham.
  11. when are the results out? the college have taken the date off the website in favour of 2007 dates.. nothing surprises me there..
  12. yep the results are no ones business but your own.
  13. oh i wish i had done the uSMle exams..
  14. just wondered what folks views are on exam results being published online. i know we have the option of not having them online, but then we have to wait for post and when overseas that can take ages esp around christmas so it isnt an option really. why is the college putting the results on display for public viewing/ the other colleges use a password system. is the college really inept? insensitive? whose business is it except our own. sometimes i think we are so weak. any views?
  15. wouldnt it be fantastic to see the end of the examinations dept at least. the college is required for the advancement of psychiatry,patient info (as if any patient logs onto that site).