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  1. Hi all. Does anybody know definitively if one can work in Canada having got the MRCPsych but not having the ccst- certificate of completion of specialist training? I have got 7 years experience in pretty much every subspeciality of psychiatry but for various reasons have not gone onto the senior registrar training. Regards
  2. Hi rantdoc. No problem. From what I gather there are 2 approaches. You can approach the various provinces directly, they can assess your CV and offer to sponsor you. I tried the provincial route first - Newfoundland....which I was told (anecdotally) accepted docs with the MRCPsych and 4+ years experience. The will only accept if you have CCST.....I wasted some time as it was not made clear on their website. The way I'm going to go about it is more central. I plan to sit the next round of the basic exam that all docs need for Canada, the MCCEE in March (runs 6 times a year) and then apply directly to the Physician Credentials Registry of Canada (PCRC) who check your CV and referees (time-consuming) and then create a profile of you that prospective employers can instantly access. This whole process is a big commitment as the MCCEE is CAN$1300, I think the PCRC is circa $3000. And when you get over there there are more exams to take....Somebody else may have more accurate information than me but that's the way I'm going about it. I'm following a colleague of mine who went the PCRC route and now has a job offer in Saskatchewan. Good luck.
  3. Thanks for your reply Athona. Does anybody have any experience in how long it takes for GMC registration to come through? I guess how long is a piece of string.....
  4. Hi all, Just seeking some brief advice. I am a post MRCPsych Registrar in Ireland. I was locuming here for a while to fill a gap post membership and before going to Canada (and also to adjust to the atomic bomb that is your first child ). Locums suddenly appear to have gone here completely - probably as Ireland is essentially bankrupt. How are things across the water? I've done a few google searches and there does seem to be bits and pieces here and there. Is it difficult to get a locum for more than a couple of months? How do these private forensic/adolescent/eating disorder places compare to the good old NHS? SWMBO prefers basing ourselves in London. I still hope to be in Canada in 6-12 months time. Regards, cully
  5. Hi to all posters with special nod to sukiyaki who has given so much time to this thread. Just to update you on my experiences. I have MRCPsych and now 6 years postgraduate experience (I'm Irish) - I had heard that Newfoundland accepted docs with MRCPsych and 4+ years of experience. Unfortunately I was bounced back by their provisional licensing body (CPSNL) whose communication I found poor. (not sour grapes ) . I was also in contact with admin in Eastern Health who informed me that in the last 5 years they have tightened up on the need for Completion of Specialist Training -CCST. I am thinking of the UK now for family reasons but might give some of the other provinces a go if this doesn't work out. I think I'll have to get on a Senior Reg scheme soon!
  6. Hello all.I'm another who was flummoxed by that exam.I was expecting the repeats to be on in Februry or March-has the exam ever been held in January before?!It's going to be a long boring winter.....
  7. Is a 'Cognitive Assessment' simply the MMSE or does it include the specific frontal lobe tests? Thanks.
  8. Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis risk.
  9. Thanks balmu.Gives me a mental picture of what to expect-which is half the battle (I think).
  10. Hello all. Anybody have any knowledge/experience of the extent to which the College varies the OSCEs over the three days e.g. by Day 3 are they completely different to those on Day 1 Also,have any of the 'discuss with the Consultant' scenarios actually come up in recent years,and if they have,does one speak directly to the examiners?Apologies for what are probably stoopid questions. Regards, Gary, Ireland