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  1. Spmm notes Spmm mcqs Psychmentor mcqs Any more additions to part A preparation?
  2. Thanks to the group, I got through my interview last October and starting CT 1 next week. Is there any wassup group for preparing for part 1 Please let me know
  3. All the best Are u preparing for part A?
  4. Thanks a lot Likewise what should we study to pass part A paper
  5. Dear Colleagues, I am doing my observer post in Psychiatry. New to the system. I would be grateful if someone could guide people like me as to what to study. Started with history taking and mental state examination. Books that you would recommend.. Oxford handbook of Psychiatry ICD Please add the others Thanks Asha
  6. I guess lft first followed by alcohol All the best
  7. How to proceed with this scenario Please help me The question I have attached as pic