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Difference between psychotic depression and schizo

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this question was asked in interview

How to dfferentiate between psychotic depression and schizophrenia with negetive symptoms in clinical settings, what things to monitor

can i aks your opinions

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What sort of things did you include in your answer? Perhaps we can help you build on what you already know?

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1.History-past psych-history

2.Current medication

3.Current medical condition/medication

3.Type of abnormal perceptual experienciences, i.e. in which modality,details of that

4.any passivity phenomenon-details

5.self care/neglect


7.negetive symptoms in details

8.said catatonia can be found only in schizophrenia---which I think was wrong!!!

may be said something more but obviously all were more jumbled up!!!!

even for practical purposes I wonder how to differentiate post -psychotic depression, psychotic depressive episode,schizoaffective disorder!!!

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psychotic depression = severe depression with psychotic features..

remember 2/52

biological features prominent and suicidal ideation etc. prominent

Delusions and hallucinations are likely to be mood congruent.. and related to depressive thoughts. Mood low and affect probably flat and non reactive.

Often aud. hallucinations are second person... but can be third..

female ++

Catatonia can be depressive in nature but stupor seems more likely..

Schizop. (pls note various types: paranoid, hebephrenic, catatonic, undiff, residual, simple and post scz depression.)

Schneider's FR type symptoms... prominent

Prob usual pre - schizophrenic premorbid characteristics..

4/52 duration

blunted affect.. running commentary more common ie. third person.. passivity and control/alienation prominent. mood often incongruent and delusions often bizarre.

likely male ++

likely history of recurrence

no reliance on mood sx's for diagnosis

NB negative sx's and post psychotic depression with schizoaffectived disorder.

main thing to monitor is RISK -> neglect, others, self...

monitoring also CPA based... health, stigma, accomodation and

more generically: Substance Misuse, compliance, structure, family/friend dynamics...

related to the 3 p's...

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Plus what JUST-GO-ON said, U have to consider the course of illnes

is it episodic [MOOD] or continuous [sCHEZ]

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