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ST4 Applications (Feb intake 2013)

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I just need some help regarding filling the application for ST4

In my last ARCP, I was given outcome 4( all competencies achieved except exam). Currently I am doing CT3 (repeat) in other deanery.

Now there is a question in ST4 application

Have you previously relinquished or been released or removed from a training programme in any of the psychiatric specialties?* Examples might include ARCP outcome 4 or failed to progress after two or more failed RITA Es.




When I click Yes I get this message

As you have answered 'Yes' you must provide full details, for the previous release/removal from the training post/programme by email to your first choice deanery, quoting your application ID; please mark the email ‘CONFIDENTIAL’. Please contact your first choice deanery for appropriate correspondence details.

My question is

Are we really need to answer "Yes" because my understanding is that Outcome 4 means you are released from the training?

I will really appreciate if anyone can provide some assistance here before 10 Oct.


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Your understanding of outcome 4 (released from training) is exactly what the question is about and obviously you need to answer-yes. What is the confusion about?


Did you mean to write- your understanding of outcome 4 is - you are still in training.

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