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Study designs

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Can we answer these difficult??? Qs with explainations Pls

Study designs


A. Case-control

B. Cross over trial

C. Cross sectional survey

D. Ecological survey

E. N of 1 study

F. Open Label RCT

G. Parallel RCT

H. Prospective Cohort

I. Qualitative study

J. Systematic review

Which would be the most ethical (choose ONE) for the following research questions:

A patient with borderline personality disorder is recruited to assess which of two contemporary therapies are better. He first undergoes Mentalization therapy (advocated by Prof. Anthony Bateman - RCPsych chief examiner!) and then undergoes Dialectical behaviour therapy (proposed by Marsha Linehan). During the time they undergo each of the therapies, he fills the CORE questionnaire to record the change in his symptoms. Choose...ABCDEFGHIJ To simultaneously look for whether alcohol dependence is associated with unemployment whilst avoiding recall bias. Choose...ABCDEFGHIJ To determine whether there is an association between eating beef and development of CJD. Choose...ABCDEFGHIJ To compare a new treatment for depression vs. cognitive behaviour therapy. The researchers wish to recruit fewer participants but still have adequate power in the study. Choose...ABCDEFGHIJ To look at association between 'living in a family with high negative expressed emotions' and the relapse of schizophrenia but you wish to avoid attrition bias. Choose...ABCDEFGHIJ To investigate whether Lamotrigine, Lithium or a combination is more effective in preventing recurrence in patients with Bipolar II disorder. Choose...ABCDEFGHIJ To explore the lived experience of carers living with patients with obsessive compulsive disorder.

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