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special interest sessions

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Hi all,

I am a trainee due to start my st4 post soon.

I am taking general adult psychiatry as my choice in higher training but not sure about special interest sessions. I would like advice around that:

can we cahnge special interest sessions yearly.

what do we do in these sessions.

do we sometime have to work at a differenr base.

can we work from home, online courses as special interest.

which sessions go along general adult psychiatry or add to my cv if i am taking general adult as a choice.

can anyone help?


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first shortlist a few areas which you are interested in developing more expertise on top of the 3 yrs you are going to spend training according to the college curriculum.

then discuss with your educational supervisor about your'll be expected to justify why you made the choices and how it will be helpful in your career.

You can train out of rotation for your spl interest sessions and the duration can be negotiated according to your training need..

But first check the curriculum requirements...I thought you need to complete research competencies before you can do spl interest sessions.. may be it is different for different specialities..ask your seniors in your training scheme /educational supervisor

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