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what do u guys think?

You are a doctor in SA clinic. Concern about the methamphetamine use might cause an increase in STDs in your patient. You decided to give educational talk to alternate patients.

Which study design to use for study relationship between methamphetamine use and STDs?

A. Focus group

B. Observation

C. Semi-structure interview

What study design you conducted to test the hypothesis?

A. Controlled trials


C. Case control

What is the primary outcome of the study (Concerning giving lectures)?

A. Understanding of methamphetamine and STDs relationship

B. Incidence of STDs

C. Prevalence of STDs

D. Abstinent rate of methamphetamine

Happy new year to everyone..)

I think answer to question 1 is B -observation

Question 2 - A controlled trial

Question 3 - A

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