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Last Minute Queries... Please Help

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Can Some one please give me some idea what is the station below is about and what to do:

1. Collaborative history from mother of 35 year old Romanian lady who

presented mute and not eating.

2. Discuss management with nurse on medical ward and address her


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I just got outline of this from my friend.

In the first station , we have to get history from pt's mum who has problems with her accent ( difficult to get history). Her daughter had recently moved to UK and had problems adjusting . Mum gives the history of her being low in mood gradually and also that her grandma in Romania was unwell. There is a history of similar edpisode in the past. Ths girl is awake and concious but mute.

In the next station the differentials are deprssive stupor , manic stupor and dissociative stupor.

This girl probably had depressive stupor. We need to do bloods etc and then I think for depression ECT wud be the treatment.

Hope it helps.

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Don't forget the following:

1. Full physical Health assessment.

2. Blood tests and CT scan.

3. Most importantly; the ward should arrange for an independent interpreter.

4. Encourage fluid and food intake.

5. A short course of Lorazepam might help.

5. ECT if the above doesn't help.

6. Getting medical notes from Romania.

7. Involving the family in management.

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