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ACF / PhD Psychiatry Financial Problems

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I am looking to start an academic post with a three year PhD. I have come to the end of core training and past MRCPsych exams and just finishing off my MSc.

I am worried becuase I have to take a substantial pay cut and the associated Trust is reluctant to allow on-calls despite being an honorary clinician and having worked with them for three years.

Please help me out with any ideas you have for other sources of income to supplement my wages.

Some trainees have said:

  • Do external locum work
  • Become section 12 approved as I meet criteria and get onto that rota.

I have also applied for ST4 just in case but would love to do ACF if I could afford it.

Please let me know of any other ideas you wish to pass on.

Would be truely grateful.

Kindest regards,


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