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Forensic Question

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You are asked to write a court report for a man convicted of a sexual assault, which of the following is most likely to increase his risk of subsequent sexual offending?

  A. Antisocial personality   B. Lack of victim empathy small_tick.gifC. Phallometric evidence of sexual interest in children   D. Substance misuse   E. Early onset of sexual offences


Anyone have any different answers for this?


Hanson & Bussiere (1998) provide the most comprehensive data in this area with their large pooled study.

The strongest predictors of sexual offense recidivism are variables related to sexual deviancy, such as deviant sexual preferences, prior sexual offenses, early onset of sexual offending and the diversity of sexual crimes. The single strongest predictor was sexual interest in children as measured by phallometric assessment.


However i thought it was lack of empathy. A few links suggest that phallometric evidence may not necessarily be the gold standard as such...


Anyone come across this question elsewhere and have different answers?


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